Glitch 2015

A one day interdisciplinary conference exploring the glitch across arts practice and theory. Hosted by the Centre for Practice Based Research in the Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University.


Monday 14th December 2015


Powell Building, North Holmes Road Campus, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, Kent CT1 1QU, UK.

The concept and creation of the glitch continues to engage artists and theorists working across a number of different arts disciplines, and in particular visual arts, digital art, music, and sonic art. Celebrated as a productive, generative figure within art practice, and also as a disruptive, destabilising form with radical potential, the glitch celebrates faults, failures, malfunctions, disturbances, anomalies, bugs, errors and noise. As the repressed sounds and images of technology, glitches render audible and visible technology itself, as well as the normalised systems and codes that underpin representation, communication and language. Although the glitch has been closely associated with technology, it may nevertheless also have the potential to illuminate other areas of experience and understanding, and in particular, as a form of noise, brings a political dimension to arts practice.

This one-day conference seeks to survey the field of contemporary glitch practice and glitch studies, while aiming also to explore the ways in which the concept might be applied to new areas of arts practice and theory.

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Confirmed Speakers:

Keynote speaker:

  • Rosa Menkman -  artist and theorist - Beyond Resolution: DCT and Syphoning


  • Adam Smyth -  Doing things with errors in Renaissance England
  • Sita Popat, Sarah Whatley, Susan Kozel and Ruth Gibson-  The Error Network: A project report
  • Alan Meades -  Kill Screen to Goat Simulator: Rhetorics of the videogame glitch
  • Ianis Lallemand -  Material Glitch: Designing with digital fabrication artifacts
  • Tim Long - Bodies, Hybrids and Fluxes,: There are no mistakes
  • Kate McLean -  A Glitch in the Sensorium
  • Charles Linehan -  Using Decay, Interference and Glitches in Performance Practice
  • Kevin Logan -  The re_etive _losive as _erformative device
  • Roger Redgate and Matt Wright -  Single Combat
  • Robert Robertson -  The Perils of Perfection (why the ‘glitch’ is fundamental to creativity)
  • James Newton -  How to Read the Accidental Glitch
  • Panos Ghikas -  The Film Sextet: A performance malfunction and the wrong audience
  • Bryan Hawkins - Glitch and Swarm and Art and Agency
  • Live Performance by  Bog Bodies   (Robert Stillman, Ben Rowley, Se á n Carpio and Anders Holst)

Live Performance: Bog Bodies  - Robert Stillman, Ben Rowley, Se á n Carpio,  Anders Holst

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