Tim Long

Approaching creativity: Intermedia, Multimedia and Hybridity.

My inquiry investigates how multimedia production has been defined historically, and through my own practice; and how these definitions inform my teaching and comprise an ethos for teaching Digital Media as a creative subject. The terms ‘Intermedia’ and ‘Multimedia’ are arguably interchangeable, as they both refer to the practice of combining multiple production outputs into one project. In the digital age multimedia is a given: a microblogging site like twitter for example present images, text, video and audio on one platform, and personal web sites created from scratch or created using templates also present multiple media types on one platform.

In contrast to the virtual worlds of the screen and the internet, my own practice, developed through experience of multimedia art practice, engages haptic (relating to the sense of touch) and material properties. My recent practice based research engages materials, and ‘material thinking’: the human body is after all a physical, thinking and feeling organism. In part this is in response to the lack of substance and force in the virtual, digital world.

Through discussion of historical case studies, my own practice based research, and student work, my presentation argues for a hybrid approach to multimedia production that interrogates and challenges the proposal that the virtual realm is divorced from the physical world. Instead I will argue that a ‘post digital’ approach to multimedia production needs to embrace the hybrid territories that utilise the most appropriate output forms that distinct types of creative production.


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