Angela Pickard

Enabling Environment = Creative Community.

This session will explore ways in which an enabling environment, that is premised on pedagogy, practice and research, can be created in order to develop and maintain a creative community or ‘community of practice’ (Lave and Wenger, 1991) and argues that teaching itself is a creative act and learning is a creative activity (Pickard and Maude, 2014). Feldman et al. (2004) contend that community and creativity arises from interaction between the ‘intelligence’ of individuals and that those relationships with one self and collaborations with enabling others are therefore paramount. Particular choices of teaching approaches such as the facilitation of support/guidance, challenge and learning from ‘more knowledgeable others’ as in scaffolding (Bruner, 1966; Vygotsky, 1978) can be particularly helpful in creating an enabling environment, encouraging learner independence and motivation and developing a creative community. Examples from Dance Education students will be used to illustrate perceptions and expectations of an enabling environment and understandings of the importance of collaboration, creativity and community.


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