Learning at the Sidney Cooper Gallery


Learning is at the heart of The Sidney Cooper Gallery values.  Enrich your learning experience with us by taking part in educational events and activities that can enrich your learning experience.


We offer free PowerPoint assembly presentations about the gallery and what it has to offer. We can organise these presentations to fit in around a school day.

School visits to the gallery can be arranged too. Your group will be met and given background historical information about the gallery and a free guided tour of the current exhibition. Booking is required for assembly presentations and guided tours.

Cross-curricular learning packs linked to each exhibition are available and link to the National Curriculum:


Throughout the year, we organise a number of workshops where you can develop and learn new skills. Workshops  range from graffiti, life-drawing, print-making and music.

Find out what's on .

Artists’ talks

To complement our exhibitions programme, we schedule a number of guest speakers to shed further insight into artworks.  Plus, we invite artists themselves to talk about their work, providing a deeper insight into their working methods and influencers.

Guided tours

If you would like to learn more about the artist and their artworks, why not book a guided tour? Email us now to book a tour.

Supporting the Arts Award

Arts Award logo Taking part in a learning activity at the gallery can contribute towards gaining an arts award qualification.

  • Take part in arts activities (Discover, Explore and Bronze), i.e. attending workshops such as printing, life-drawing, musical events, etc.
  • Go to an Arts event (Bronze and Silver), i.e. attending any arts event at Sidney Cooper Gallery – self or guided tour of gallery
  • Meet the artists (Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold), i.e. Q & A with artists, workshops led by artists
  • Find out about an artist (Discover, Explore and Bronze) Q&A with artists, workshops with artists or utilize downloadable learning packs
  • Provide space for a celebratory event (Explore – present and Bronze – skills share) use of Sidney Cooper Gallery for an event
  • Internship/volunteering opportunities (Bronze, Silver and Gold). If an intern wants to run a summer holiday club or if an under 25 member of staff can work towards this (to develop their Arts experience)
  • Attend a whole day workshop (Discover, Explore and Bronze)
  • Arts inspiration and go to an arts event (Bronze), (Silver – arts event and part of arts research), (Gold- part of research and review), i.e. take part in ARTiculation or Inspire
  • Use of Learning Packs (all levels)
  • Find out about an organisation (all levels), i.e. school assembly or community Sidney Cooper Gallery presentation

Arts Award Discover Exemplar offer at Sidney Cooper Gallery  

Arts Award Explore Exemplar offer at Sidney Cooper Gallery 

Arts Award Bronze Exemplar offer at Sidney Cooper Gallery

Find out more about the Arts Award.  

Visiting the gallery

Planning your visit

  • Plan your visit in advance – check which exhibition is on (just in case there is an exhibition change over) and when the gallery is open
  • Download our  gallery visit risk assessment form
  • If possible, make a preliminary visit before bringing your group. This will enable you to make the best use of your visit to achieve your teaching and learning objectives
  • Research the artist(s) on display and download the learning pack prior to visiting
  • Make a list of what your students need to bring such as materials for drawing and note taking; sketchbooks would be ideal. If you are walking to the gallery, shoes suitable for walking, suntan cream and a hat, bottled water and a packed lunch (if required.)

See more information about  visiting the gallery.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery and helping to cater for any educational needs.

Already taken part in a learning event?

If you have taken part in one of the gallery's learning opportunities, please tell us about your experience by completing a feedback form. 

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