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Title Astral Gronk: Catriona Clayson
Event Exhibition
Time 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue Daphne Oram
Contact artsandculture@canterbury.ac.uk or Tel: 01227 922994
Price Standard Adult - £10.00

VISITS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY email artsandculture@canterbury.ac.uk - - - - This exhibition brings together new etchings and lino prints at the end of Clayson’s year in residency in printmaking at CCCU. In describing the process of making the work, she writes: Investigations into the stone in my head. It spins, it shifts. The stone in my head has always been there. It sits there happily collecting. At times it gets stuck. Wedged. It wants to come out at times, but doesn’t know how, there is no gap for it to escape. So there it sits. It speaks of great things. The scenes it has seen, of words and worlds it has explored. It doesn’t let me see them for long as it wants them back. It’s a selfish stone. Through investigations I have tried to open the stone, to chip it, to set some of it free. It doesn’t want to. I draw on the stone. It seems to like that. It likes to be remembered. It doesn’t like to be talked about. Reading about and observing other stones, I find that my stone is like no other. It often tells me of the mountain it once came from. I am yet to find that mountain.

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