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Date Sat 24 Mar
Event Day School Spring
Time 10:00am - 5:00pm
Venue Canterbury Campus
Contact artsandculture@canterbury.ac.uk or Tel: 01227 922994
Price Standard Adult - £60.00

Saturday 24 March 2018|10am-5pm Tutor: Anna Zawislak | Canterbury campus | £60 This workshop is based on Susan Jeffers’ PhD phenomenal self-help classic of the same title. First published in 1986 it has since inspired millions of people around the globe to take action towards improving their lives. Whether you’re starting out or if you’ve already begun a journey of self-discovery, today you’ll learn concepts that have a potential to change your life. You’ll find out that fear is an educational, not a therapeutic issue: you can learn to be confident, powerful and handle anything that life throws at you, whatever your circumstances, age and background. This course is filled with practical exercises and strategies that you can implement straight away to move from a place of paralysis and indecision to one of power, enthusiasm and action. This course is for you if you are considering making changes to your life (eg new career) or already going through a transition (eg retirement, divorce) but also for those who want to become more effective, optimistic, happier and reconnect with their inner strength. This day school is also offered on 7 October 2017

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