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Date Sun 25 Feb
Event Day School Spring
Time 10:00am - 4:00pm
Venue Canterbury Campus
Contact artsandculture@canterbury.ac.uk or Tel: 01227 922994
Price Standard Adult - £39.00

Sunday 25 February 2018|10am-4pm Tutor: Andy Wood | Canterbury campus | £39 Shamanism is a form of spirituality based on the idea of animism. Animism is the perception that all aspects of the universe are alive with spirit, forming part of an invisible whole consisting of seen and unseen dimensions. In this day school we will use the Medicine Wheel and the four directions as our guide. The directions each have an associated element; Fire in the East, Earth in the South, Water in the West and Air in the North. These elements in the Medicine Wheel each have wisdom and healing to teach. The workshop will include travelling in a sacred space and time bridging the world of spirit and our physical world, in a grounded and ceremonial way. We will enter into the world of spirit to connect with our power animals. This is an opportunity to open a doorway to the world of spirit and give you the principles and tools for shamanic practices. This can assist you in re-finding the ancient wisdom that lives within us all, to access your true potential and authentic power. This day school is ideal for anyone looking to take their first steps into the shamanic world, or to go deeper with their practices. Andy Wood, an intuitive shamanic practitioner, healer, teacher, artist and survivalist, will facilitate this workshop. Andy has worked with the Shamans of North America, Mongolia, Mexico and Peru for over thirteen years. Andy has worked with mentoring programs, rites of passage with young people, is a qualified Therapist and Vocational assessor. An Introduction to Shamanism Part 2 takes place on Sunday 29 April 2018

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