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Supun Samitha Jayalath

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Supun Samitha Jayalath

MBA International, 2022

My name is Supun Samitha Jayalath, and I am proud to hold the title of Senior Techno-Functional Consultant at MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd. This position represents the culmination of a truly rewarding journey that began during my university days when I pursued my MBA International degree. Graduating with an MBA International was a pivotal moment that marked the commencement of my career in the technology sector. From that point onward, I committed myself to a path of continuous learning and adapting to ever-evolving challenges.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of accumulating valuable experiences in various roles, each one contributing to my growth and eventually leading me to my current role. This journey has been a remarkable one, characterised by a thirst for knowledge, relentless personal development, and the thrilling embrace of new opportunities.

However, I must emphasise that my time at Canterbury Christ Church University was the bedrock upon which my career success was built. The education and unwavering support I received during my academic years at Christ Church played an instrumental role in shaping both my technical skills and my mindset. Christ Church provided me with a nurturing environment, one in which I could explore my passions and cultivate a robust work ethic.

The knowledge and core values instilled in me continue to be my guiding principles in my professional life. As I reflect upon my journey, I can assert with unwavering confidence that my education at Christ Church was not just a stepping stone but a significant cornerstone that has propelled me to achieve in my career.

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