Share your experiences with our students

Share your Experiences

Appreciate the value of your experience!

Can you remember what it was like applying to University and trying to choose the right course?

  • Did you successfully survive your first term at University?
  • Did you find ways of coping with assignment and exam stress?
  • Have you got your foot on the first rung of the ladder in your chosen career, or are you an experienced practitioner in your field?

If the answer to any of the above questions, or others like them, is “yes”, then you have valuable experiences you could share with prospective or current students, encouraging them on to the same success you yourself have achieved.

You could:

  • be an “online champion”, responding encouragingly to posts from prospective students on our “pre-arrival” Facebook page.
  • give help on the welcome desk, or work with a subject team, talking to prospective students at an Open Day.
  • talk to current students about your career and how you got there – either as a formal presentation, or informally over coffee.
  • provide material for a case study, or quotes, that could be used on our website or in promotional literature.

Perhaps you have the skills and experience to formally mentor a current student?

Get involved:

If any of the above sound like things you would like to do:

T: 01227 782995

(giving an indication of the activities of interest to you).

"Education is so powerful, I really want to support the work of the University and love sharing myexperiences with current students, inspiring them to see that studying can open up greatpossibilities for them"

Iain Hawthorn, DMS and MA Management Studies, 2002

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