Help our students

Help our Students

As a past student of the University, you have experience, skills, resources and contacts that could really help our current and prospective students. At the same time, being an alumni volunteer gives you the opportunity to engage in activities that are personally fulfilling and that could enhance your own personal and/or professional development. The time commitment doesn’t have to be outfacing and, where activities require particular skills or knowledge, training can be given.

Tell Your Story

Prospective students find it really helpful to read about others’ experiences of studying when deciding which University to choose. Could you tell them about your experience of Christ Church?

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Share Your Experiences with Prospective or Current Students

As an alumni, you have valuable experiences you could share with prospective or current students, encouraging them on to the same success you yourself have achieved.

How you can share your experiences

Provide Professional Expertise

If you have 3 or more years work experience and a passion for inspiring students to have vision and ambition for their future, this could be your opportunity to do just that. 

How to provide professional input


Help at a University Event

Helping at an event can be great fun and you often don’t need a lot of experience to get really involved.

Help at an event

Could you Be Our Next Alumni Volunteer of the Year?

Former students who volunteer or support current students can be eligible for nomination for the award of Alumni Volunteer of the Year.

Find out about the award

Additional Opportunities

At particular times, we have need for help in very specific areas.

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