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Lee Gore, BA (Hons) Education Studies 2013 and PGCE (Primary) 2015

Lee has always been very interested in working with those children with considerable barriers to their learning. He completed his teaching placements in a Special School and then went on to secure a permanent post there. Both this, and his personal and previous experience of Special Educational Needs (SEN), has given him a real depth and strength of knowledge that he wants to share with others. He initially wanted to continue working with CCCU for his own development as well as sharing with others, but now sees the key aspect of his involvement with CCCU as being developing others, both students and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs), as well as continuing to enhance his own practice.

For three consecutive years, Lee has planned and led a lecture for the BA Year 3 teacher training students about the research project he undertook as part of his PGCE.  Lee shows real passion for his research, explaining how he approached and presented it and – importantly - shows the influence it has on his current work and how he continuous to use research to develop himself as an informed professional. His talk is inspiring and excites students about the prospects of their research and the impact it can have on their development as a teacher.

Lee also presents a very well received workshop for both students and NQTs showing how classrooms can be inclusive and provides a wealth of ideas on how to support inclusive teaching techniques and methods. His workshops have been praised for the personally informed approach on which he clearly draws and for providing realistic, practical strategies that students and NQTs feel they really can implement in their classrooms.

Lee does all of the above in a non-judgemental manner and with humour and personality. He is interesting and engaging to listen to and shows how evidence-informed teaching can, and does, influence pupil learning. 


Adam Nicholls, BA Primary 2011

Adam completed his BA Primary Education in 2011 and, even before he had left, was supporting prospective students by speaking at recruitment events.  Staff of the Faculty of Education can still remember vividly how he spoke about his Year 2 Overseas Placement, making a great impact on his hearers.

7 years later, Adam is still giving, supporting CCCU and its schools partnership work, supporting students and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs).  What makes Adam’s contribution so distinctive is that, in the context of one third of teachers leaving teaching (due to the relentless pressures that new teachers face and the sheer demands of the profession) he has persevered and, however rough the going has been, has never stopped giving to others. Through his blog, his Twitter feed, accepting invitations to speak to our student trainee teachers in their final year about “life at the chalk face” and in speaking at CCCU’s National Learning First Conferences, Adam just keeps giving at a time when so many others are worn out!

In addition, Adam has been a passionate supporter and outstanding ambassador for the University and epitomises everything CCCU hopes for from a Canterbury Partnership Teacher. He truly deserves to be recognised for this commitment to the University, it’s prospective and current students, NQTs and the wider teaching profession at such a demanding time in its history.



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