The Christ Church community includes over 60,000 alumni, former students who have all completed a programme of study at the University.

Now is a great time to be one of our alumni. We’re developing the range of alumni benefits we offer, including great discounts on postgraduate study, to support our alumni post-qualification and provide more opportunities for their professional and personal development.

Already one of our Alumni, or just about to become one?

Access our Alumni Hub now, the go-to place for:

  • information about what happens now you’ve finished your course
  • details on how to obtain duplicate certificates, transcripts and references
  • how to get back in touch if you left a while ago
  • staying involved with Christ Church
  • updating your details
  • sending your news
  • CCCU news
  • giving your comments and feedback, sharing and liking
  • events and alumni reunions
  • details of discounts on further study and other benefits open to alumni
  • finding out what former classmates are doing
  • and more!

Visiting this site to find out more about what Christ Church offers its alumni?

Joining the Alumni Network

All students who have completed at least one year of study and achieved a qualification with us automatically become one of our alumni, joining a social and professional network of nearly 60,000 former students.

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Still Here for Our Alumni

We’re still here to support our students even after they leave. That’s why we offer our alumni discounts on postgraduate study, discounted membership on our Library and Sports facilities, discounted use of our accommodation, three years ongoing careers support, retail benefits and duplicate transcripts and reference services.

Visit the Alumni Hub

Staying in Touch

We love to stay in touch with our alumni, providing them with an online Hub where the latest news from CCCU, events, reunions and alumni stories are constantly updated. And there are many ways in which alumni can get back in touch with us – through the Hub, through Christ Church social media or by email - to update their details, share their successes, talk about their memories of Uni and to give us their feedback.

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Events and Reunions

With an annual programme of University-wide events and range of alumni-specific activities, there are plenty of events that alumni can attend. Former students are also very welcome you can organise their own reunions and our Alumni Team is available to help them do this.

Visit the Alumni Hub

Notable Alumni

Just some of our notable alumni are: award-winning children’s authoress, Geraldine McCaughrean, CBeeBies’ Mr Maker Phil Gallagher, multi award-winning documentary director Kate Blewitt, and multi-award winning radio presenter and comedian, Jon Holmes.

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Contact Us

If there is anything you want to know about being or becoming one of CCCU’s alumni, don’t hesitate to contact us

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