Community Liaison: your contact in the community

Canterbury Christ Church University’s Community Liaison Manager is your dedicated point of contact. She can advise on a number of community related issues and works with local residents and communities across our campus areas.

Responding to concerns

The University takes the concerns of our neighbours very seriously. If local residents experience anti-social behaviour and believe our students are involved, there are places they can go to complain and get help. We have compiled a list of key community contacts and frequently asked questions so you can direct your concerns to the people most able to help.

If you need any further advice or support, please contact the Community Liaison Manager.

Community contacts

If you're experiencing problems with your neighbours, use the contacts below for information and advice.

Non-urgent crime call 101, or in an emergency call 999, or visit

You can find out who your Police Constable or Police Community Support Officer is by going to the Kent Police website and entering your postcode

Contact Canterbury City Council’s Community Safety Unit online

Tel: 01227 862 122


Canterbury City Council Officers have powers to deal with noise complaints, including Noise Abatement Notices, formal Cautions, prosecution (maximum fine is £5,000 for domestic cases) and in extreme cases confiscation of music equipment.

Canterbury City Council deal with complaints of ongoing incidents of noise, but do not deal with one-off problems, such as loud parties. If you feel it is a serious issue, then you can contact or call 101. The council also only operates within normal office hours.

Report an issue online or contact the Environmental Health Team

Tel: 01227 862 202


Serco should always be contacted first if there is a problem with rubbish left uncollected.  They can arrange a clear up and charge those responsible.

They have powers to impose fines of up to £50,000 for fly tipping or Fixed Penalty Notices for littering.

Report an issue online or contact Serco

Tel: 0800 031 9091


To report parking in a dangerous position or causing an obstruction call Kent Police non-urgent crime on call 101, or in an emergency call 999, or visit

Report other parking issues online or contact the parking control team 

Tel: 01227 862 429


Under the Housing Act 2004, a licensed landlord must be a fit and proper person with suitable management arrangements for their property and this includes controlling anti-social behaviour.

Many tenancies will have clauses in them specifically prohibiting nuisance and noise. Landlords can be traced through the letting agents or, for a small fee, through the Land Registry online property search.

Non-urgent crime on call 101, or in an emergency call 999, or visit

Kent Police have teams of Neighbourhood Officers who work solely for a specific community or area. Apart from special circumstances and emergencies, neighbourhood police officers don't have other duties. Their role is to get to know the people in their communities in order to tackle anti-social behaviour as well as crime and disorder.

You can find out who your Police Constable or Police Community Support Officer is by going to the Kent Police website and entering your postcode

If you wish to talk to someone about community issues regarding student accommodation please contact the team:

Tel: 01227 782222


Community liaison FAQs

If you are able to, try talking to the students and let them know that you need a good night’s sleep.

You could also contact their Landlord or Letting Agent. 

For additional advice and support, please email the Community Liaison Manager.

If the noise or antisocial behaviour issues are ongoing contact Canterbury City Council Environmental Health Team (web link) on 01227 862202 for advice.

You could also email the CCCU Community Liaison Manager.

Contact Canterbury City Council’s contractor Serco on 0800 031 9091; you could also email the CCCU Community Liaison Manager.

Introduce yourselves to your student neighbours.

Ask them if they would like to be part of a community group and or a community event.

A welcome evening for new students is a great way of getting to know them. Your local residents’ association may well be running such events.

We can help with local community/residents group contacts, please email the CCCU Community Liaison Manager.

If you are prevented from getting out of your driveway due to another vehicle blocking your exit, you should contact the Police by telephoning 101.

The Police will be able to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice and get the vehicle removed.

If your complaint is regarding students living in University accommodation, please contact our accommodation team on 01227 782222, or email the accommodation team.

If you wish to make a complaint to the Christ Church Students’ Union, please visit the SU website containing details on how to provide feedback. 

To make a complaint about students living in the community please email the CCCU Community Liaison Manager and give full details of your complaint. 

Your complaint will be dealt with promptly.

Your complaint will be assessed by the Community Liaison Manager. The first step is to establish if they are CCCU students.

If they are CCCU students, we will work with partners to resolve your complaint, and you will be kept updated every step of the way.

If they are University of Kent students, a complaint will need to be made via the University of Kent's website

Many of our students are keen to get more involved in their local communities. Not only is volunteering an enjoyable experience in its own right, it also helps to enhance their CV’s and their employability by adding new skills and abilities to their portfolios. 

Our students contribute tens of thousands of volunteering hours each year. Contact us to see how your organisation can benefit.

For volunteers or support with community events please email the CCCU Community Liaison Manager for further information and advice.

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