Governing Body

Our Governing Body has ultimate responsibility for the affairs of the University. 

Operating under Instruments and Articles of University Government, approved by the Privy Council, its broad responsibility is "for the determination of the educational character and mission of the University and the oversight of its activities."

The Governing Body's remit includes:

  • The Proper Conduct of Business
  • Strategic Planning
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Finance
  • Audit
  • Estate Management
  • Charitable Status
  • Staffing
  • Students' Union
  • Health and Safety

The Governing Body comprises 18 elected, appointed and co-opted members.

Minutes are available from past meetings: 

Read the Governing Body's Terms of Reference.


The Governing Body is made up of five committees, each with different responsibilities and expertise. View the structure. 

Read about each committee:


  • Pro-Chancellor of the University (Chair of the Governing Body)
  • Chair of the Audit Committee
  • Chair of F&R Committee
  • Chair of the Remuneration Committee and Deputy Pro-Chancellor of the University (Vice Chair of the Governing Body)
  • Vice-Chancellor and Chair of the Academic Board
  • One co-option if vacancies exist because individual members fulfil multiple roles

In attendance by invitation:

  • Clerk to the Governing Body


Terms of reference


  • Mr Philip Fletcher (Chair)
  • Ms Sue Appleby 
  • Mr Julian Hills (Co-option)
  • Mr Quentin Roper
  • Mr Steve Sutton (Co-option)
  • Mrs Pam Jones

In attendance by invitation:

  • Clerk to the Governing Body
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer
  • Assistant Director of Finance – Financial Accounting
  • Governance and Compliance Manager
  • Internal Auditors
  • External Auditor - as appropriate


Terms of reference


  • Ms Judith Armitt (Chair)
  • Mr Staynton Brown 
  • Mrs Judith Harding
  • Sir Ian Johnston
  • Revd Robert Stevenson
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Student Governor

In attendance by invitation:

  • Clerk to the Governing Body
  • Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Estates and Facilities
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Pro Chancellor
  • Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development


Terms of reference

Senior Management, Directors and Heads of Department/School members:

  • Vice-Chancellor (Chair) - Professor Rama Thirunamachandran
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Professor David Shepherd
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Student Experience) - Professor Helen James
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) - Professor Mike Weed
  • Dean of Arts and Humanities - Dr Keith McLay
  • Dean of Education - Dr John Moss
  • Dean of Social and Applied Sciences - Professor Callum Firth
  • Dean of Health and Social Care - Debra Teasdale
  • Dean of Chapel – Rev. Dr Jeremy Law
  • Director of Information Technology - Celia Hardy
  • Director of Library and Learning Resources - Pete Ryan
  • Director of Learning and Teaching – Dr Alison Eyden
  • Director of International Partnerships and Development - Sue Kendall-Seatter
  • Director of UK Partnerships – Gina Donovan
  • Director of Quality and Standards - Dr Christopher Stevens
  • Director of Planning & Academic Administration – Cathy Lambert
  • Director of Curriculum – Dr Ken Powell
  • Director of the General Modular Scheme – Cathi Fredricks

Faculty members (2 from each faculty)

  • Arts and Humanities – Professor Thomas Hennessey
  • Arts and Humanities – Dr Nicholas McKay
  • Education - Claire Alfrey
  • Education – Dr Catherine Meehan
  • Health and Wellbeing - Peter Milburn
  • Health and Wellbeing - Karen Lumsden
  • Social and Applied Sciences – Dr Jim Butcher
  • Social and Applied Sciences - Dr Dominic Wood

Professoriate member

  • Professor Peter Vujakovic

Student members:

  • Students' Union President – David Hannaway
  • Students' Union Vice-President (Education and Wellbeing) – Phil Semmens

Committee Secretary:

  • Senior Quality Officer – Suzanne Collins



  • Sir Ian Johnston (Chair)
  • Ms Nadra Ahmed 
  • Pro-Chancellor
  • Lord Alastair Colgrain (Independent Assessor (co-opted))

Terms of reference


Contact the Governing Body

Alison Sear, University Solicitor and Clerk to the Governing Body

T: 01227 922593

Paul Ferguson, Governance and Legal Services Manager

T: 01227 922551


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