ESF plans to make these changes through questioning, challenge, and transformation, whilst cultivating a sense of belonging and celebrating diversity.

Whilst we recognise the urgency of acting now, we nourish deep understanding and long-term transformation that is inspiring and transcending. Our ESF strategy strives to support existing strategies, such as Learning and Teaching, and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, whilst contributing to and overlapping with other areas of the Academy.

Our aims

  • foster opportunities for all students to engage with sustainability related issues relevant to their discipline and chosen field of work
  • encourage the enrichment of new and existing formal and informal curriculum with sustainability perspectives
  • influence the development of academic infrastructure with internal and external quality frameworks for sustainability
  • support and nurture a learning and teaching community and promote academic partnerships through ESF
  • promote and celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion, widen participation of minority groups, and promote representation and a sense of belonging for all through ESF
  • maximise opportunities for student involvement in the development of formal, informal, and campus curriculum
  • promote connections between learning, teaching, and ongoing research in ESF
  • enhance student experience through providing a wide variety of opportunities to engage with sustainability
  • provide examples of excellent practice in sustainability curriculum in support of TEF aspirations

Organisational target

Schools and Faculties will have developed a response to ESF such that every student has the opportunity to learn about sustainability in the context of their chosen discipline and field of work.

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