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Our Sidney De Haan Centre for Research for Arts and Health has recently formalised partnerships with a number of key national organisations including the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), British Lung Foundation (BLF), Mental Health Foundation and Live Music Now. This step formalises a range of work that is already being undertaken, and will allow for further collaborative research projects to promote general public health.

‘Research is not sufficient by itself to change the perceptions of how arts can benefit general health and wellbeing. We need to be able to work together and share knowledge to address the bigger issue: persuading health commissioners and policy makers of the importance of being able to offer arts on prescription.

‘Showing, demonstrating and telling the testimonies of people who have benefited from activities such as group singing, is as important as the research. The partnerships that we are entering into today will help us on the journey of influencing politicians, policy makers and servants.’

Prof. Stephen Clift, Director, Sidney De Haan Centre for Research for Arts and Health

You can find out more about the Centre’s latest partnerships by reading our official press release .

About the Sidney De Haan Research Centre

The Sidney De Haan Centre for Research for Arts and Health is recognised for its commitment to researching the potential value of music and other participative arts activities, in the promotion of wellbeing and health of individuals and communities.

Work undertaken by the Centre has included exploring the positive benefits that group singing has for people with enduring mental health issues and people with COPD. The Centre has also conducted the world’s first randomised controlled trial on community singing with older adults to show improvements in mental wellbeing.

Current research projects include an investigation of the role of art galleries and museums in promoting wellbeing, and a study of the benefits of dance for people with dementia. 

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