Study abroad partnership with Mount Mercy University, USA

Canterbury Christ Church University works in partnership with Mount Mercy University in Iowa, USA, providing students the opportunity to experience studying abroad.

Since 2008, we have regularly hosted staff and students from Mount Mercy for short study visits in Primary Education and Social Work. The partnership is reciprocal, with our students benefitting from visits to the US University where they visit and teach in local schools.

Studying at Christ Church

As part of the Study Abroad Scheme, Mount Mercy students join the University for three months in autumn or spring on the British Studies programme. They are required to take one or more of the following core courses designed specifically for North American students:

  • Divided by a Common Language: A Comparative Study of Contemporary Britain and the USA
  • From the Britons to the British: A History Survey from 43AD to 1688
  • Wayward Wives and Mad Men: A British Literature Survey (1300-1800)

These core modules are offered both at Level  4 and 5 to cater for students' academic requirements depending on what year they are in at their home institution, so providing flexibility in the programme. The core modules provide a foundation for American students and allow them to adjust to British university life.

Students then select their additional modules from a tailor-made course catalogue typically enrolling on a total of 4 modules.

The study abroad experience

There are several organised trips as part of the academic programme on offer including, for example, the Tower of London, The Globe Theatre, Dover Castle, and Windsor Castle.

Jenna Miller, who studied here from Mount Mercy in 2011, remembers:

"Studying in Canterbury was a great experience. There are so many different activities to take part in and sites to see. The city itself was beautiful and the university was welcoming and an enjoyable educational experience.

The best part about studying here was the ability to learn from not only native students, but other students from different countries as well. I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at Christ Church and would highly recommend it to any student who is interested in challenging themselves educationally while gaining worldly experiences."

Research collaboration

The partners also collaborate on research through mutual support in bidding for grants and development funds.

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