Promoting inclusive education in Malawi

The Faculty of Education is working to support the inclusion of all children in mainstream education in Malawi.

The project is in partnership with Power International, a UK-based charity which aims to advance the well-being of disabled people in Africa and Asia, and NAD (Norwegian Association for the Disabled). It is World Bank funded and supported by FEDOMA (Federation of Disabled People’s Organisations of Malawi) and the Malawian Ministry of Education.

Dr Peter Grimes and Professor Petra Engelbrecht are leading on the consultancy for the three year project which started in April 2013.

The consortium has conducted a situation analysis in three pilot districts with the aim of determining how many disabled children are currently being educated in mainstream schools, their range of needs and how the education system can best support them.

This type of sustainable capacity building project is important for setting the standard in the region and developing our reputation in Sub-Saharan Africa as a deliverer of education projects promoting inclusive practices for children with disabilities in mainstream schools across the wider region. 

A similar project will shortly be launching in Mozambique with plans to also work in Zambia.

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