Strategic Plan for Research & Enterprise

The Strategic Plan for Research and Enterprise sets out the Foundations for our Research and Enterprise, the Features that will characterise our Research and Enterprise, and the Futures we anticipate. It is underpinned by our Mission, Values and University Strategic Framework.

The Strategic Plan for Research and Enterprise is more than a strategy for the development of research and enterprise: it sets out a wide-ranging role and contribution for Research and Enterprise across the University.  In this respect, our Research and Enterprise is founded on a values-led duty and desire to contribute, a commitment to provide a distinctive student experience, and a belief that research and enterprise is a core part of our university identity:

A duty and desire to contribute

We are a values-led organisation with privileged access to knowledge and resources.

This places a duty and responsibility upon us to use that privileged access, as well as cultivating a desire to do so, to advance and apply knowledge to make enterprising and evidence informed contributions to the challenges facing society and so enhance and enrich people’s lives. 

A distinctive student experience

We are committed to providing our diverse student body with a high quality holistic student experience in relation to learning, the wider experience of the University and global citizenship.

This includes experiencing and influencing through co-creation the way in which our research and enterprise in particular, and global bodies of knowledge in general, can shape disciplines and influence policy and practice in the industries, sectors and communities in which students aspire to develop careers. 

A core part of our identity

Research and enterprise is a core contributor to our identity, and is at the forefront of the way in which our stakeholders and communities engage with and perceive the University.

It is key to our brand proposition, our reputation and influence, and makes a significant contribution to recruitment and retention of students and staff, to the student experience, and to the pride members of the University community, past, present and future, feel in their University.


Seven core features capture how our research and enterprise will be recognisable and distinctive across our diverse subject portfolio. They emphasise our values-led approach, our learning community as a partnership between staff and students, and the role of research and enterprise in defining our University identity. 

Our Research and Enterprise will be:

  • to the issues and problems that matter tocommunities and society;
  • to the industries, sectors and communities that weserve, and in which our students and alumni aspireto develop and advance careers;
  • to the local and regional economy, taking,translating and applying our knowledge resourcesand insights to places and people, and providingthought leadership;
  • to the curriculum, through which students will beable to touch and experience, and through cocreationparticipate in and influence, the researchthat underpins their education and enhancestheir employability, as well as understand its usesand impact;
  • in supporting examples of our excellence inresearch and enterprise that will evolve to remainrelevant to global and societal challenges,and have outstanding and prominent impactand visibility beyond the University and inthe curriculum.
  • through involvement in world-leading andinternationally recognised substantive researchthat advances disciplines and is clearly visiblewithin the curriculum;
  • in undertaking research, delivering enterprisingactivities or externally engaging in ways that havean ethical, evidence-led and demonstrable impacton sector or industry policy or practice locally,regionally, nationally or internationally;
  • in delivering externally recognised scholarshipof practice, either the practice and pedagogyof HE, or the practice of the professions, thatdemonstrably impacts upon HE practice acrossthe subject or discipline, or upon practice acrossthe profession.
  • between staff and students, and our partners in,and the users of, our research and enterprise;
  • between the University’s learning communityand the global bodies of knowledge and subjectdisciplines that support the advancement,translation and application of knowledge;
  • through developing physical and virtual spacesfor collaboration, both within our campusesand embedded across the regional economy,including strategic partnerships with other furtherand higher education providers, to facilitateinnovation, enterprise and research excellence.
  • for our students, who will grow to beenterprising and research literate, withdemonstrable experience and expertise to access,assess, develop and deploy the knowledge basethat supports success in the industries, sectorsand communities in which they wish to developand advance careers;
  • for our staff, who will transcend traditionalboundaries and practices, and be challengingand open to challenge in addressingcontemporary debates, problems and issues;
  • for our partners in, and users of, our researchand enterprise, and the wider public who willrecognise our University as a site for the creativeexchange of ideas and the development ofethical, evidence-led and practical solutions.
  • by subject disciplines and research funders, whowill recognise our work as making a significant,ethical and evidence-led contribution tocontemporary debates and the advancementof knowledge;
  • by the local and regional economy, who willrecognise our research, knowledge exchangeand enterprise as supporting social, economicand cultural prosperity;
  • by our students, who will have a right to expectthat their curriculum is designed and delivered bystaff who are shaping disciplines and influencingpolicy and practice in the industries, sectors andcommunities in which they aspire to develop andadvance careers;
  • by the public, who will recognise ourcontributions as values-led and enhancing andenriching people’s lives.
  • in cultivating a learning community that fosterscreative challenge and exchange, where staffand students can be co-creators of worldleadingand internationally recognised insightand understanding;
  • in drawing on our knowledge resources andinsights to develop enterprising and innovativesolutions for businesses, professions, thepublic and third sectors, communities andwider society;
  • in supporting staff, students and alumni todevelop community, cultural and commercialenterprises that contribute to the public goodand generate a social and financial returnon investment.
  • through engaging with global and societalchallenges, focusing on enduring problems andlong-term solutions;
  • in cultivating an enterprising mindset andresearch literacy among students that allowsthem to thrive as knowledge bases change andevolve in a future we cannot clearly describe;
  • in supporting career progression and evidenceledpractice through high quality staffdevelopment that both builds capacity andsupports excellence in research and enterprise;
  • through building specialist capacities andexpertise that can evolve to stand the test oftime and remain relevant for an uncertain future.



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