We are firmly rooted in Kent and Medway’s communities - from Canterbury to Tunbridge Wells, Broadstairs to Medway - and we therefore recognise our significant role in protecting and enhancing our wider environment.



Our urban campuses are home to a range of ‘pocket habitats’ (ornamental gardens, church yard, ancient walls, ponds, etc.) which host a rich and diverse assemblage of plant and animal life. 

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An important aspect of moving towards a more sustainable future is developing a strong sense of community, both between staff and students within our university, and also with the wider community in the towns and cities that our campuses are situated in.

Sustainability in the CCCU community


Any discussion about sustainability has to include education, not only because sustainable practises and awareness must be taught to this generation and the next, but because the way in which we deliver education must become more sustainable!

Educating about sustainability


Awards and achievements

Over the past seven years, since the publication of our first Environmental Policy, there has been a steady growth of activity generated by a committed and emerging group of staff and students.

Our sustainability awards and achievements


These are the projects that, once piloted, grew legs and became big enough to earn their own identity: Bioversity, The Futures Initiative, The Honeycomb Project and The Student Green Office

Sustainability projects at CCCU

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The Sustainability Team are based on the North Holmes Road campus, in Fleming. Feel free to pop into our offices any time for a chat, about anything.

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