Web Development Team

What do we do?

The Web Development Team is primarily responsible for the external website for the University, as well as the staff intranet StaffNET.

Our Content Management System, Contensis, allows us to manage the content of the website at a much more granular level, ensuring quality of content and conformity to web standards. An intuitive and non-technical interface allows web authors to focus on their content, but gives us the power and flexibility we need to develop and maintain cutting-edge websites. The first phase of the Content Management System Project has been completed with the launch of StaffNet, the University's first staff intranet.

In addition to the University website, we also work with external organisations on Government and European funded educational projects. This currently includes the creation of websites related to skills development and teacher support.

Our work comes under the general direction of the Web Development Steering Group and is guided by the University's Information Strategy.

Content Management System

Contensis CMS screenshot

CMS is fundamentally changing the way the web is edited.