Web Development Team


In line with the Disability Discrimination Act the website, like any other service that the University provides, must be accessible to anyone who wishes to use it. To help us do this all new pages are designed to meet specific standards, and the process of converting the older pages retrospectively is underway.

In addition to this the website incorporates a text only function (see top right) that will display a graphic free version of the page, which can be altered to display the text in different colours and sizes with different contrasting backgrounds. We have ensured that text size can be adjusted in the browser menu.

Standards compliance

Producing standards compliant code will ensure that as many people as possible are able to view the information on our web pages.

For anyone interested, we follow the W3C guidelines and aim to produce XHTML 1.0 Transitional or Strict code (as appropriate). XHTML and CSS code is checked using the W3C's automated validators. We also aim to meet the "AA" conformance level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This means that our website can be viewed in all modern browsers, regardless of platform or device.

All web pages are tested to ensure that they can be viewed in the following browsers - Internet Explorer (version 6 and above); Netscape (version 6 and above); Opera (version 5) and Mozilla (version 5). Pages will work in most Macintosh based browsers, with some issues.