University Solicitor's Office

Work Experience Placements/Volunteering/Field trips

Please refer to the Health, Safety and Insurance Protocols (PDF) when planning Field Trips or Student Work Experience Placements, whether in the UK or abroad.

Student Travel Insurance
Students should be advised to arrange their own travel insurance when undertaking field trips or placements abroad.  Departments should only arrange a block policy for a group of students when the cost is to be carried by the department. Under FCA Regulations, the University is not registered as an insurance intermediary and, therefore, the cost of insurance cannot be recharged to students. It is imperative that any existing medical conditions or hazardous activities are declared to insurers before travel so that appropriate cover is obtained.

Work Experience Placements
The University’s insurance cover indemnifies the University for legal liability arising out of a work placement within the UK but Placement Providers must be asked to confirm they have Employers’ and Public Liability insurance in place, and that a risk assessment specific to the placement trainee, including an ‘Induction’ process, has been undertaken.

It is the responsibility of the University to ensure effective co-ordination of University work based elements of the course which will involve careful planning, liaison with the Placement Provider and effective briefing and support for the student and the Placement Provider. 

The University cannot accept responsibility for the raft of EU directives or prevailing legislation and industrial practices in other countries and, therefore, students must be made aware of this and will be responsible for taking out personal insurance at their own expense to cover the period of placement.

Field Work
Field work is defined as any practical work carried out by staff or students of the University - as part of the teaching, curriculum or research - in places which are not under the University’s direct control but where the University is responsible for the safety of its staff, students and members of the public exposed to their activities.

A General Risk Assessment must be undertaken for all field work activities and sent to the Health & Safety Advisor at  for signing off. 

If you are undertaking or arranging for students to undertake Volunteering for an external organisation, you should ensure the organisation covers volunteers under their Employers' Liability insurance cover against any injury that may be suffered or caused due to negligence by the Employer.
If there are any issues or complications in these please refer immediately to the University Insurance Officer as special alternative cover may be obtained.