University Solicitor's Office

Professional Indemnity


Insurer:  Royal & Sun Alliance plc

Policy Number: RTT260291

Limit of Indemnity:  5m in the aggregate, including defence costs

Cover extends to all staff of the University, Governors and Trustees

The Policy excludes Medical Malpractice and Individual Medical Professionals i.e. Nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapists who must have cover through their relevant professional body in place.


Section A - Errors & Omissions
All damages resulting from any claim, which is both first made against the Insured during the period of insurance and reported to the Insurer in writing, for breach of professional duties by reason of any wrongful professional act of the Insured.

Section B – Defence Costs, Charges and Expenses
The insurer shall, in addition to the limit of liability, have the right and duty to defend any action brought against the Insured alleging a wrongful professional act, even if such action is groundless, false or fraudulent.

Additional Benefits

  • Loss of Legal Documents
  • Libel & Slander
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Unintentional breach of, infringement of or unauthorised use of confidential information, trade marks, copyright or the systems or programs of others, provided that the breach, infringement or unauthorised use was unintentional

Various conditions and exclusions apply, please contact for excess of 20,000 applies each and every claim details.

Claims See Professional Indemnity claims procedure.