University Solicitor's Office


Insurer:  Aviva Insurance Limited

Policy Number: 46FLW7170107

Motor Certificate

Fleet Motor Cover:

  • All University owned and leased vehicles including minibuses
  • Fully comprehensive but restricted to third party cover only in respect of some agricultural and electric vehicles.
  • Unlimited windscreen cover if repaired by approved repairer

Recommended repairer: Autoglass

Various conditions, exclusions and excesses apply.  For further information, please contact

New Drivers
All new drivers are required to complete a Driver’s Declaration Form, which must be submitted to the University Transport Managers (Security Managers) for verification. They also need to undertake a familiarity drive before being permitted to drive the University’s vehicles; please book this at the Security desk on North Holmes Road Campus.


1. All vehicles except for minibuses
Any member of staff of 21 years of age and over, having completed a Driver’s Proposal Form, duly authorised by their Head of Department and having held a full licence for a minimum of 2 years. Staff members holding EEC or  overseas licences may have additional conditions imposed.

2. Minibuses
Any member of staff of 25 years of age and over, having completed a Driver’s Proposal Form, duly authorised by their Head of Department, and holding a category ‘D1’ Licence.   See  re Driver and Licence information. There are further restrictions imposed by DVLA and reference must be made to Transport Managers and Insurance Officer.

These will vary depending on age and in the event of an accident will be paid by the Department the driver works for.

Penalty Points
Staff with more than 6 penalty points on their licence will not be permitted to drive the University’s vehicles, until these points have been expunged. Staff have a responsibility to declare any penalty points incurred to the Insurance Office via Transport Managers.  Failure to do so may render the University’s motor insurance invalid in the event of a claim.

Licence Checks
An annual inspection of driving Licences of those staff listed to drive the University’s vehicles will be undertaken by the Transport Managers (Security Managers) in September each year.

Guidance Notes for the Use of University Vehicles
Guidance notes for the use of University Vehicles on and off campus are available from Security.

Hire Vehicles
The University’s motor insurance does not extend to hire vehicles.  When hiring a vehicle for University business, please ensure you take the motor insurance arranged by the Hire Company.  See Purchasing Procedures. 

Breakdown Cover
The University has placed breakdown cover with the RAC for its vehicles, excluding the agricultural and electric vehicles.  In the event of breakdown, RAC contact details are available in each of the vehicles, including the minibuses.

European Cover
Both the insurance and RAC breakdown cover in respect of the two Minibuses extends to Europe, upon notification to the Insurance Officer.  Any staff member wishing to take the Minibuses to Europe must hold both a Category D1 Licence and a European PSV Licence in order to comply with EU Regulations.

Motor Insurance Database (MID)
All the University’s vehicles (excluding unlicensed agricultural) are recorded on the Motor Insurance Database, which means the owner of the vehicles can be identified by its registration anywhere in the UK/Europe.

Motor Claims : Reporting of Accidents & Incidents
Drivers have a responsibility to report any accidents, incidents or damage incurred to the vehicle whilst in their care to the Transport Managers (Security Officers) by completing the reverse of their booking form.  In the event of an incident, please follow the Motor Claims Procedure.

Mobile Phones
Staff are prohibited by law from using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving.  If you are caught using a hand held mobile phone by the Police, you or the University could be prosecuted and fined.  The University could also be charged with Corporate Manslaughter if a work-related call leads to a crash resulting in death.  If it is necessary to take or make a call, you should pull off the highway at a convenient and safe spot. Park and remove key from ignition; the only exception would be if staff members are fearful for their own safety or personal security by doing so (For example: a lone female driver involved in a threatening situation).

You should refrain from eating or drinking whilst driving as this could also prove hazardous, and you may be apprehended by the Police for dangerous driving.

No Smoking
The University has a Smoke Free Environment Policy and all drivers and passengers should refrain from smoking whilst in the University’s vehicles. These are classed as places of work, whether an individual is alone or not in the vehicle.

Sufficient time
Drivers must always drive with extreme caution, restricting themselves to the speed limits and allow sufficient time to get to their destination, obeying the Highway Code.

All vehicle purchases and sales, including Agricultural and Electric vehicles, must be notified to the Insurance Officer so that our Insurer and the Motor Insurance database can be informed. 

Use of Personal Vehicles
The University does not insure personal vehicles used by staff for business purposes. All staff who drive on University Business which includes (but not exclusively) driving between campuses (only commuting between home and normal place of work is determined as commuting), driving with staff or students between University locations and on field excursions, driving to airport to board flights for continued travel on University's behalf, must ensure that they have business use added to their motor insurance (or for their use as a named driver on the insurance of the vehicle being used). Failure to do so could incur serious implications in the event of an accident, which as a minimum could involve negation of insurance cover.