University Solicitor's Office

Directors and Officers

Insurer:  AIG Europe Limited (UK)

Policy Number: 0033629340

Limit of Indemnity:  5m in the aggregate (including defence costs)

To indemnify the University and/or any Insured person (University Staff & Governors) against damages, judgements, settlements and defence costs arising from liability at law for a Wrongful Act committed by them in the course of University business.

Various conditions, exclusions and excesses apply.

Wrongful Act means any actual or alleged breach of duty, breach of trust, neglect, error, misstatement, omission, breach of warranty or authority, libel and slander or any other act committed by any insured solely in the course of the activities of the University and its subsidiaries – provided that the claim is first made against the Insured and notified to the insurer by the University during the period of insurance.

Cover does not extend to:

  • North America

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Employment Practices (the Entity/the Company) only

Insured Persons:
Any natural person who was, is or shall be a Director, Officer, Trustee, Employee, Volunteer, Committee Member or any Member of Staff of the University (the Company)

Extension to Outside Directorships / Trusteeships
The policy has been extended to cover Senior Staff as an external Trustee/Director, when at the specific request of the University and where those external organisations do not have Directors and Officers cover in place for its Directors/Trustees, in accordance with an agreed schedule of named outside companies.  Such Directorships/Trusteeships must have been nominated or approved by the appropriate member of SMT or the Governing Body.  It is particularly important that Senior Staff notify the Insurance Officer of any external Director/Trustee/Governor positions made at the behest of the University so that the external organisation can be added to the schedule and also declare any such positions on the annual Register of Interest questionnaire as circulated by the University Solicitor/Clerk to the Governing Body .

Example list of Outside Directorships / Trusteeship Companies Declared to the Insurer:

  • Creative Arts Foundation

  • The University of Greenwich

  • Hibernia College, Dublin

  • Canterbury Dioceses

  • Rochester Diocese

  • Folkestone Academy

  • Marlowe Academy

  • South East Leadership Trust

  • Corsham Windband Association

  • YMCA George Williams College

Claims Procedure – see Directors and Officers claims procedure

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