University Solicitor's Office

Claims Procedure

All solicitors letters of claim should be scanned in and sent immediately by email to

The Insurance Officer must be notified immediately of any accident or incident likely to give rise to a claim. On investigation, the Insurance Officer will complete and submit claim forms to our insurers. Further information may be required.

  • Please never admit liability for any incident since to do so could jeopardise the University’s cover. This is for Insurers to determine.
  • Retain any damaged property as the insurer may wish to carry out an inspection
  • Please obtain 2 (two) estimates for repairs in the event of damage or replacement and in the event of theft.
  • Take photographs, if you have a camera available, to assist in any claim.

Please note that failure to report or delay in reporting any claim could result in insurers refusing to indemnify the University.

Subject to the value of any claim and the excess applied by Insurers to the policy, a claim may or may not be allowed. This will be determined by the Insurance Officer (contact )

Motor Claims
In the event of an accident or incident involving a third party, whether another vehicle, persons or property, the driver should exchange insurance details with the 3rd party without admitting liability. This is for the Insurer to determine.

An ‘Insurance Card’ is placed in each of the University’s vehicles which gives the name and address of the University’s Motor Insurer and Policy Number. In the event of an accident where people are hurt, the Police should be called and the University’s insurance details provided to them.

On return to campus, please notify the Security staff on duty and the Insurance Officer immediately following an accident, irrespective of whether a claim is to be made or anticipated.

Full details regarding an accident will be requested, from which the Insurance Officer will complete and submit a claim to insurers.

Security Managers / Transport Managers will obtain an estimate for repairing any damage to the University’s vehicle. If the damage is serious, the insurer may want to inspect the vehicle.

Communications from third parties, or their representative, should immediately be passed to the Insurance Officer, unanswered, please.

The cost of hiring alternative transport is not always insured under the University’s Motor policy unless agreed by the University's insurers. Please refer to the Insurance Officer first.

Liability Claims (Employers’ and Public/Products)
Immediately after any incident which results in personal injury or disease to employees, visitors, students or members of the public (including contractors), it is essential that an Accident, Incident, Near Miss Report form is completed and sent to .

Copies are given to the Insurance Officer automatically.

Please ensure you send any communications received from third parties, their insurers or their legal representatives, to the Insurance Officer immediately on, as we have 24 hours only to respond. Please scan in and send documents as an attachment.

Professional Indemnity/Directors and Officers Claims
It is important that all allegations or incidents which may give rise to a claim against an individual or the University arising from a breach of duty, neglect, error, mis-statement, omission, breach of warranty or authority, libel and slander MUST be reported immediately so that a full and proper investigation can be varied out at the time and our Insurers notified promptly in accordance with the policy conditions. If in doubt, please contact the University Solicitor's Office for guidance.

In the event of any accident, illness, cancellation, curtailment or theft of possessions - all appropriate documentation (confirmation of booking and invoice, flight tickets and boarding cards) must be retained to assist with a claim.  Please follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Cancellation  Please notify  promptly. 
  • Illness/Accident requiring medical attention - whilst overseas
    Please notify the 24-hour Emergency Assistance Service - Chubb Assistance - as soon as you are able.  Their contact details are given on the insurance card issued to you before your departure.  This should be carried with you at all times.

Telephone:   +44 (0)207 895 3364


If in doubt, do not delay contacting insurers emergency assistance telephone line (as above), they will only be too pleased to help. The University's staff policy number is 64797003 and should be quoted each time. The University's student policy number is different, it is 64817346.

  • Curtailment  In the event of the need to curtail your business trip, possibly due to emergency family circumstances, you may have to pay for a rescheduled flight but this can be claimed for on your return, under the terms of the policy.  Please retain all receipts.
  • Theft  Please report to the police in the country of destination and obtain a copy of the report/crime reference number.  Report to the insurance Office promptly on your return to the UK, giving  full details and receipts if you have them and the Insurance Officer will complete claim forms and issue to Insurers.
  • : For policy advice, the Policy Number is the password.