University Solicitor's Office

Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)

The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) has begun its work. The full implementation of the arrangements has been put on hold by the government pending a review of the registrations, but the following obligations remain in place:

  1. The University must not knowingly allow a barred individual to engage in a regulated activity
  2. The University must refer certain information to the ISA where permission is withdrawn for the individual to engage in regulated activity or would or might have done so had the individual not ceased the activity.




The following briefing note from Robert Melville, Assistant University Secretary, sets out the current position following the Government’s decision to call a halt to the registration process:      

The Independent Safeguarding Authority: An Update  

Regulated activities are those that involve contact with children or vulnerable adults carried out frequently (at least once a month), intensively (on 3 or more days in any 30 day period) or overnight

The arrangements are of central importance for those engaged in professional training, particularly in the Faculties of Education and Health and Social Care. They are also important for those departments whose work entails contact with children and vulnerable adults.

As regards Higher Education, the Government's response to the circulation on the operation of the Scheme specifically states it would be "disproportionate to apply the ISA scheme requirements to all those who may teach, train or instruct students aged 16 or 17 as part of a higher education course in a higher education institution."

If you have any queries relating to ISA, I would ask you to contact Robert in the first instance.

Prof Sue Piotrowski, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic)

26 June 2010