Student Survey Unit

University Student Survey (USS)

The USS is our own University-run survey, which mimics the NSS in that the same questions are asked.

Why the USS matters

The USS enables us to survey our students before they complete the NSS. This allows us to track the likely responses to the NSS and to see how much impact our activities are having in response to feedback.

Importantly, it allows our students who complete the USS to see the impact that their feedback has.  See what students have to say about feedback at

Who is eligible to complete the USS?

All students studying on programmes of at least one year leading to undergraduate credits or qualifications (such as Bachelors Degrees, Foundation Degrees, Higher Education Certificates and Diplomas) will be invited to take part in the USS every year BEFORE THEY REACH THEIR FINAL YEAR of study.

All students studying for a taught Masters degree (all years of study) will be invited to take part in the USS every year.

Can students opt out?

Students can opt out at any time by contacting the Student Survey Unit directly.  They will not receive any further emails or personalised CLIC messages.


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