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Augustine House is the University’s Library and student services centre in Canterbury.  It provides our students with an improved range of learning opportunities, including state-of-the-art ICT facilities and creative learning spaces, as well as a well-resource library.  Most professional service staff who directly work with and support students are also based at Augustine House.

Personal Safety
Car Parking and Travel
Facilities and Services provided in Augustine House
Entrances and Exits
Access to upper floors
Toilet facilities
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Specific provision for visually impaired people
Specific provision for hearing impaired people
Accessing individual support
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Personal Safety
Augustine House has been designed to ensure that all staff, students and visitors are able to exit the building very quickly in the unlikely event of a fire or other emergency.

There are two evacuation lifts, which may be used in an emergency, unless instructions are given by designated staff not to do so at the time of any incident. Please see the building plan for location of these refuge areas and evacuation lifts.

Disabled users of the building, who may experience difficulties in exiting from Augustine House in the event of a fire or other emergency, will need to have their own individual emergency exit plan. Students should liaise with the Disability Advice Team via the i-zone and staff should liaise with the Human Resources Department, to ensure that a plan is put in place for them. Equipment is available to assist disabled people such as Deaf Alerter and Refuge Alerter.  Equipment (such as Deaf Alerter and Refuge Alerter) is available to assist disabled people.  Instructions in using these systems will be given as part of an individual’s exit plan.

Disabled visitors are asked to inform Reception if they have access requirements and to request information on emergency procedures, as they enter the building.

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Car Parking and Travel

Car Parking

Disabled drivers or passengers holding a complete Blue Badge will be able to park at Augustine House. There are spaces located at the rear of the building, reached by driving down the road between Augustine and the Peugeot Garage.  You will be able to leave your vehicle there for up to three hours; the spaces will be monitored by our Security Officers to ensure that only bona fide Blue Badge holders use this facility.  There is a controlled entrance into the building from the parking area, which you will be able to use by means of your Smart Card or by video link to request assistance from the Reception staff.

Nearest railway station and bus stops

Canterbury East railway station is approximately 500 metres from Augustine House along the ring-road (called Rhodaus Town), with trains serving London Victoria, via Faversham, Sittingbourne and Medway, and down to Dover.  There is a taxi rank immediately outside the station entrance.

Canterbury West railway stations is situated on the Whitstable side of Canterbury, which involves a fairly long walk (1.5 km) through the town centre. Those with restricted mobility may want to consider taking a taxi from immediately outside this station’s main entrance to Augustine House.

The Bus Station is situated within the city walls on the other side of the ring road from Augustine House, approximately 300 metres away, via an underpass. Wheelchair users should note the steeply ramped entrances into the underpass from Augustine House to the Bus Station side of Rhodaus Town.

Shuttle Bus

A free, accessible mini bus serves the route from the Old Sessions House on the North Holmes Road site, to the Augustine House drop-off zone at the rear of the building, continuing on to Hall Place in Harbledown.  Please follow this link to the Shuttle Bus timetable.

Other means of transport 

Some disabled people may prefer to use either taxis or a mobility scooter to travel between the two main sites in Canterbury.

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Facilities and services provided in Augustine House
The new building brings together a Library, Learning Centre and student services under one roof, creating a convenient one-stop-shop for students.

The building is situated on the Canterbury ring road, on Rhodaus Town, next door to the Police Station. It is close to the Canterbury East railway station and to the main bus station, where the Park & Ride buses stop.

Opening times for the building will vary according to the facility or service you require.  Please refer to the i-zone for complete and up-to-date opening hours.

Accessibility issues have been high on the agenda since the inception of the building. The University has employed an access consultant to look at every aspect of the building and how it will be used, to ensure that the needs of disabled people are fully taken into account in the design and build of this flagship facility. Disabled staff and students have been involved in looking at plans and discussing specific aspects of how the building will be used.

Detailed information on accessibility and provision of facilities for disabled people is given in the sections below.

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Entrances and Exits
The main entrance into the building from Rhodaus Town is fully accessible. This leads straight into the atrium area, where Reception and the i-zone are both located.

Drivers holding complete Blue Badges will be able to enter and exit at the rear of the building, having parked their car in one of the reserved spaces.  This entrance will be access-controlled out of the core opening hours.

Disabled people may request assistance via video or voice link at the rear entrance.

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Access to upper floors

Lifts, as well as stairs, are provided to the upper floors. There are 3 lifts each holding up to 13 people, and which are sufficient to transport large electric wheelchairs.

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Toilet facilities
Accessible toilet facilities are provided on each floor, including an adapted WC and shower on the ground floor.

Alarm cords are provided in all accessible facilities, with response provided by the Security Team.

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The Library is located over all four floors of the building. The location of texts and other materials may be identified by using the OPAC machines on each floor. There is an OPAC machine on at least one height-adjustable desk on each floor.

Library staff, with identity badges, are available to assist you on each floor.  If you need support and cannot find a member of staff who is free to help you, either go to the phone assistance point on the 3rd floor or visit the i-zone, and request a member of staff to come to you.

Inductions for disabled students are provided on an individual basis in Augustine House on request. Contact the Disability Advice Team via the i-zone to book your session. Disabled staff should discuss this with their line manager.

The Library in Augustine House will operate a self-return system using equipment which involves physical manipulation of books. If you find that this is not accessible for you, please contact the Library staff for assistance.

Here are some FAQs regarding services for disabled users within the Library

Will there be personal tours for people with disabilities, so they can discuss their library needs?
Yes, the Disability Advice Team (contactable via the i-zone) will arrange these for you in liaison with the Reader Services section of the Library. All disabled students are entitled to a personal tour of the new Library, including those beyond year 1.

Is coloured paper available?
Yes. Coloured paper will be held by Library staff, so just ask at the Library help point on the ground floor, or contact them by the assistance phones if you are on the 3rd floor.

Is there a Braille machine?
Yes. The Braille embosser is located on the ground floor and use may be booked via the Disability Advice Team, contactable via the i-zone.

Is there any assistive software?
Yes. Text Help Read&Write and Inspiration software is provided via terminal services, so users with a CCCU computing account will see that it is available when they log on anywhere within Augustine House. These packages are mainly for use by people with specific learning difficulties, but are useful for all students. Software to assist blind or visually impaired students is available (eg JAWS and Supernova)  on a PC with a large scanner, and should be booked via the Disability Advice Team to ensure it is available when you require it.

If you require any assistance in using this software, please contact the Disability Advice Team via the i-zone.

Are OPACs available that are accessible by people with a visual impairment?
Yes. All the machines will have a zoom facility. Individuals can be shown how to use this facility as part of their induction into the Library

Is any other magnification equipment available?

Yes.  A CCTV, which provides magnification, is available on the ground floor.  Training in its use can be given to individual users as part of their induction into the Library.  In addition, all printer/copiers in the Library are able to enlarge printed material.  Assistance in doing this is provided via the i-zone.

Will there be a scanner available?
Yes. All the printers are multi-functional and can do printing, photocopying and scanning.

Are height-adjustable desks available?
Yes. A height-adjustable desk is available in each wing. Any problems with the desks should be reported to Reception.

Are accessible toilets available?
Yes, see section above on accessible facilities.

Are all floors as clear as possible (NB kickstools, low tables)?
Yes. Kickstools will only be made available in the compact shelving area.

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PCs are provided on all floors in the East Wing. These computers will not be fixed to the desk, but may be moved on the desk as needed; mouse cables are integral to the unit.

Laptops may be borrowed and taken to any part of Augustine House, as it is fully wireless enabled.  Combined printer/photocopier/scanners are also available for use on all floors of the building. 

Disabled users may use their own laptops if they prefer.  Power points are provided at all desks within the East Wing. If you require assistance in using your own laptop within Augustine House, contact the i-Zone.


Text Help Read&Write and Inspiration software is provided, and users with a CCCU computing account will see that it is available when they log on anywhere within Augustine House. These packages are mainly for use by people with specific learning difficulties, but are useful for all staff and students. Software to assist blind or visually-impaired students is available (eg JAWS and Supernova) on a PC with a large scanner, and should be booked via the Disability Advice Team to ensure it is available when you require it.

If you require any assistance in using this software, please contact the Disability Advice Team via the i-zone.

Disabled staff requiring assistive software or adapted hardware should seek advice from their line manager.

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Variable-height desks are provided on each floor of the Library. Please contact the Library staff if you require assistance to locate one of the desks or in adjusting it to suit your needs.

Augustine House is equipped with a range of seating that should provide an option for most people. 

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Refreshment facilities
There are two cafes in Augustine House, providing a range of hot and cold food and beverages.  One is situated within the atrium area on the ground floor, towards the rear of the building. The other is on the third floor, with a roof terrace looking out over the City walls.

Disabled users are able to request assistance, such as help in carrying trays or plates or for a description of the menu, from the staff on duty in the cafes.

Information is provided on the food available for particular dietary preferences and descriptions of food ingredients are available.

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Specific provision for:

Visually Impaired people
In addition to those facilities described elsewhere in this guide, Augustine House also offers a Guide Dog Relief in the grounds at the rear of the building.

Colour and texture have been used within the building to aid visually impaired users to orientate themselves within the space and to locate the service or facility that they require.

Hearing Impaired people
Fixed induction loops are provided at the Reception Desk, the i-zone desk, and within the individual meeting rooms. It is also possible to borrow a portable induction loop via the i-zone.

Pagers for the Deaf Alerter system will be issued by the Disability Advice Team, contactable via the i-zone

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Accessing individual support
Disabled students will be able to request support on an immediate basis via the i-zone. In addition, internal phones are provided at a number of locations across the main sites in Canterbury, which ring directly through to the i-zone.  The i-zone will refer students who have a need for immediate support directly to the Disability Advice Team.

The i-zone may be contacted also by email: or from an external phone line on 01227 782222.

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