Staff Development

Staff Orientation and Induction

2012-13 Dates

Staff Orientation:

6th September 2012


3rd  January 2013


17th April 2013


Sessional Staff


  • 14th September

  • 5th October

What is induction?

The purpose of induction is to ensure that all new appointees, whether new to Christ Church or not, are effectively integrated into the University and their role.

Research shows that not only does a comprehensive induction programme help staff become more effective sooner so aiding morale and retention, it also helps individuals understand the organisation better and so integrate effectively to work teams.

Induction runs from the moment a post is accepted to the end of probation and requires planning and support.

Set out below is the University expectation for all new staff as a minimum:

Further relevant details can also be found within the Human Resources web pages.