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Investors In People

The University was successfully re-accredited with Investors in People in June 2012, which is a record 4th recognition since 2001 for a whole University.

These web pages provide information about IiP, why we commit to it, how the assessment process works. You will also find links on the right hand side to useful resources for staff and managers as well as the 2012 Report from our IiP assessor.

What is IiP?

The IiP standard provides a framework to help organisations understand how effectively they are involving and enabling staff in the development and delivery of organisational aims.  It uses the quality cycle of ‘plan, do, and review’ so that continuous improvement and effective feedback are core principles.  IiP does not dictate how things should be done but is more concerned with outcomes.  On this basis, IiP looks for good practice but also a good understanding of issues facing the organisation, how it plans to respond and how this has been communicated.

More information about IiP can be found here.

Why is it useful for CCCU?

Achieving IiP provides recognition for the University’s good practice in people management and development.  In higher education, we are currently in a significant minority of universities who have achieved the award across the entire institution on a number of occasions. This demonstrates the importance we place on staff engagement, quality people management and our strive for continuous improvement.

How are we assessed?

The value of the IiP assessment process is the use of an external assessor and the methodology.  Assessment is not a paper based audit like QAA or Ofsted but based  purely on face to face interviews with a representative sample of staff chosen not by us but by the assessor.  These are confidential interviews used to triangulate that what the organisation (senior managers) says about itself correlates with what managers and staff say.

We were successful but what happens next?

A full report has been produced by the IiP Assessor and can be downloaded from this page. The action points will be fed into our overall Staff Survey action plan (called 'Taking the Lead'), and we will continue to work towards the continuation of having IiP into the foreseeable future.

For more information

Contact the IiP Project Lead – Tracy Bell-Reeves, Assistant HR Director (Development)