Staff Development

Continuous Professional Development

Personal Development Plans (PDP)

All staff are encouraged to take responsibility for their own continuous development. It is important that staff at Christ Church  are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge not only to perform their current role, but also to prepare them for future opportunities and changes required in order to support the continued success of the institution.

There are ways in which which you can plan your personal development which takes place via many types of learning experiences. These can be formal, by attending an organised training event or workshop, studying for a formal qualification or being taught to acquire a new skill by your manager or a colleague.

They can also be informal, such as chairing a committee, coaching others, covering other’s work when they are on leave, offering to take on a new project, reading a newspaper, journal, even in a discussion – the list is endless. For informal learning, the Professional Development Toolkit can be helpful - take a look.

In order to aid the continuous learning process, staff are encouraged to keep a record of their development via personal development plans or continuing professional development record. This way you can plan your development and also log any unplanned learning experiences which you can recall at important times such as at annual appraisal, to aid a job application or to support promotion opportunities.

The Process of Completing a Personal Development Plan (PDP)

The PDP should be regularly updated and helps you to reflect on what you have achieved over the past year and also plan for the future. Initially think about something new you have learnt or done and how it helped you in your role. Use this to celebrate your achievements and identify ways you can build on these to further develop yourself.

You should agree future goals with your manager in order to keep yourself updated and prepared for future challenges.

A useful approach for forward planning is to ask:

Where am I now? Where do I want to be? What new skills, knowledge and attributes will I need to get there? How might my work change in the next few year? How can I achieve my goals? (think of opportunities available, resources needed)

You can break these questions down into short, medium and long term goals.

To help you get started, a completed Personal Development plan can be found in the downloads section above.

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