Welcome to the Timetabling & Rooming Office


The Timetabling & Rooming Office is attached to Registry and is the point of contact for room enquiries, requests and allocations. The following links and pages should help you with your enquiry, if not please contact the Timetabling & Rooming Office.

If you require catering, audio visual services or specific furniture set ups please click here for contact details.  If you wish to conduct exams, please contact Student Records & Examinations. For other campuses, please contact the relevant office by clicking through to the Contact the Team page.

There are user-friendly Guides and Information on how rooms are requested and how to view what has been allocated within these pages. Alternatively, you may contact us directly if you experience problems when making your requests.

We have a specific Blackboard for Departmental Timetabling Co-ordinators (DTCs) and interested parties with a host of resources on making teaching requests.  Please contact us with your user ID if you are not already enrolled on our Blackboard but would like access.