Lorri CurrieRegistry is responsible for supporting the student journey from registration through to graduation. We are responsible for the administration of exams and assessment, timetables, smartcards, appeals and complaints and maintain the student record system. We aim to ensure equitable and consistent provision of services across the University with better information and greater awareness of these services for students and staff and to deliver a high quality student experience by offering efficient core University systems and processes.

Lorri Currie, Director of Academic Administration

Academic Support Office

Academic OfficeThe Academic Support Office has responsibility for the policies and procedures for Examinations, processing extenuating circumstances requests, and supporting panels convened to hear academic appeals, allegations of plagiarism and other examination irregularities.

Data Management Office

Data Management OfficeThe Data Management Office is responsible for the University QL database, where all student records are stored. This includes training and support for staff and the initial set up and ongoing maintenance of the curriculum structure.

Graduation and Registry Events

Graduation & Registry Events OfficeThe Graduation and Registry Events Office is responsible for the scheduling and organisation of the graduation ceremonies in the Cathedral and award ceremonies in Augustine House. The team also ensures Student Smartcard production and links the Registry with the i-zone.

Student Records and Examinations (Faculty Registry Offices)

Student Records & Examinations OfficeThe Student Records and Examinations offices are responsible for the registration of students, the ongoing maintenance of the student records, and the management of examination and assessment process, including the issue of mark transcripts and certificates.

Timetabling & Rooming Office

TAROThe Timetabling & Rooming Office allocate rooms and ensure there is appropriate room provision for students, both for teaching and examinations.

Immigration Compliance Office

UKVI Compliance OfficeThe Immigration Compliance Office plays a pivotal role in ensuring the compliance of the University with Immigration and Visa regulations while maintaining the University's Highly Trusted Sponsor status. This office works closely with staff in respect to registrations, student record maintenance, attendance monitoring and student progression.