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E-Recruitment (I-Grasp System)

The importance of an efficient and effective recruitment process is recognised as being essential to the success of the University.  The strategic priority to ‘continue to attract high calibre staff and enable them to develop their full potential’, emphasises the importance the University places on staff matters. 

Not only does E-recruitment provide the mechanisms for a more efficient recruitment process but also the potential opportunity to reduce costs through the use of a ‘candidate pool’ and web advertising.  E-recruitment also provides the opportunity to improve the timescales in recruitment where necessary. 

The resources below aim to assist your understanding of the implementation of e-recruitment and the system (I-Grasp).  Further assistance in either accessing or using the system can be obtained from the HR&OD Department.


Room Numbers on I-Grasp

Please note that moving forward, the room numbers that you enter on the i-grasp request as the location of your new starter, will be used to initiate the process of assigning desks, computing equipment, telephones and invitations to staff development events such as Orientation.

Therefore, in order to facilitate that process and ensure that new starters have a smooth transition into the organisation, it is essential that you take the time to fill these details out correctly when requesting recruitment activity begins.

Room numbers that are incorrect or missing may lead to delays in the process of allocating space and equipment and to a delay in your new starter appearing correctly on departmental system such as people search. 

If the correct building and room details are not showing, please contact HR&OD by e-mailing

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