Finance Department

Financial Regulations


The Financial Regulations identify the framework of financial controls for the University. These Regulations should be read in conjunction with the Financial Procedures, that explain individual processes in more detail.

Please contact Karen Pilgrim, Assistant Director of Finance; Accounting and Regulatory Systems if you have any interpretation queries, by email or on extension 2694.

The Financial Regulations are broken down into the following sections:

1.    Introduction

2.    General

3.    Accounting

4.    Budgets

5.    Authorisation of Expenditure

6.    Capital Expenditure

7.    Income

8.    Banking Arrangements

9.    Ordering of Goods and Services

10.  Stocks and Stores

11.  Insurance

12   Treasury Management / Ethical Investment

13.  Audit

14.  Fidelity Matters

15.  Establishment

16.  Payment of Salaries and Pensions

17.  Retention of Documents

18.  Security

19.  Private Work

20.  Research Grants and Contracts

21.  Companies and Commercial Activities

Annex A - Bank Mandate Arrangements and Authorised Signatories
Annex B - Treasury Management Statement
Annex C - Retention of Documents