Financial Procedures


The Financial Procedures have been prepared to support the University's Financial Regulations and must be read in conjunction.

They have been prepared for all staff of the University who handle cash, authorise expenditure, or are responsible for other financial matters during the course of their duties.  These procedures must be observed at all times.  It is hoped that they will be of particular use to new staff working with limited supervision, while at the same time reminding experienced staff of the essentials of sound financial routines. Managers should ensure that staff are aware of these procedures.

The procedures concentrate on the basic requirements.  The measures detailed in the procedures must be implemented wherever possible within the constraints imposed by the availability of resources.  Where doubt arises staff are advised to contact the member of Finance highlighted at the end of each procedure for clarification.


F100 Budgetary Controls
  F100 - Budgetary Controls
F200 Authorised Signatories

F200 - Authorised Signatories

F250 - Coding Guide

F300 Assets

F300 - Assets

F310 - Disposal of furniture & equipment

  F320 - Capital assets


F330 - Stock


F340 - Capital Project Development

F340 Appendix A - Financial Summary

F340 Appendix B - Investment Appraisal

F400 Income
  F400 - Student Financial Arrangements 2011-12
  F400 - Student Financial Arrangements 2012-13
  F400 - Student Financial Arrangements 2013-14
  F410 - Tuition Fee Invoicing Financial Procedures
  F420 - Raising of miscellaneous charges to outside parties
  F430 - Bad Debts
F440 - Invoice Terms
F500 Expenditure
  F500 - Purchasing Procedures
  F510 - Ordering Goods & Services
  F520 - Payment terms to outside suppliers
  F530 - Staff travel & subsistence
  F531 - Student travel and subsistence
  F532 - Outside parties travel and subsistence
  F540 - Petty cash control - Imprest accounts
F600 Banking & Treasury Matters
  F600 - Cash handling
  F610 - Counterfeit bank notes
F700 Other Procedures
  F700 - Donations from external sources
  F710 - Hospitality
  F720 - Contact with tax and audit representatives
  F730 - Research grants and contracts
  F740 - Anti money laundering policy
F810 Taxation
  F810 - Visiting Lecturers
F850 VAT Procedures
  F850 - VAT Procedure
  F850 - VAT Manual