Facilities Services

Hospitality Assured

Hospitality Assured is the standard for service and business excellence which is what Campus Catering is currently working towards.

The standard is endorsed by the British Quality Foundation as addressing the whole of the 1999 European Foundation for Quality Management Model, otherwise know as EFQM.

Catering Services achieved Hospitality Assured status in May 2008.

More information is available at www.hospitalityassured.co.uk


The University has been a Fairtrade University since 2007. Each catering outlet sells Fairtrade products such as coffee, sugar, tea, chocolate and snacks. Products are also available in the vending machines located around the campuses.

The Catering Department is constantly striving to support Fairtrade and this year all of the general assistants within the department have been given new t-shirts as part of their uniform which are made of Fairtrade cotton. You can read about our Fairtrade status by clicking on the link below, here you will also be able to view the University's Fairtrade Policy.


Recycling is an important part of the daily routine for Catering and Hospitality as it is for the whole University. The University uses a system of 'recycling stations' tthroughout the institution to maximise the opportunity to recycle, these consist of bins for landfill waste, recycling paper and plastic. For further information please click on the link below.


One Water

The Catering and Hospitality Departments support One Water, "When you drink one Africa drinks one".

One billion people in the world don't have access to clean water, by stocking and selling One Water we hope to make a difference. All profits from buying One Water go to building unique roundabout powered play pumps in Africa.

This system is a life changing and life saving invention, for further information about this scheme please go to:-



The total cost for the play pump system is 7,000 and we were delighted to reach this target in 2012.