Computing Services



The University standardises, as much as possible, on what software and hardware is used.

This ensures that hardware and software is compatible with the University network and systems – non-standard hardware and software needs to be tested and complicated configuration may be necessary to make it work.  Implementation may be delayed depending on University priorities and resource availability.

Support for multiple versions of software and hardware is more expensive and less effective as expertise becomes diluted.  Sharing files may be impossible because of compatibility issues.

If there is a fault with a piece of standard hardware – particularly desktop computers, monitors and printers – Computing Services User Tech team can usually swap the item quickly.  A non-standard item will probably have to be returned to the manufacturer for repair/replacement (depending on warranty) or a new item purchased.

Use of non-standard hardware and software may cause network problems which may affect many, possibly all, users.

However, there may be justification for non-standard software or hardware or the University may already have a suitable solution.  Please contact your Computing Liaison Officer to discuss.