Foundation Years

A number of our degrees are also offered with an additional foundation year (Year 0). Whether you are a school-leaver or someone considering returning to study but don’t have the entry requirements for your chosen subject, a foundation year course may be just what you’re looking for.

Why study a foundation year course?

A foundation year is the first year of a four year course which:

  • provides an introduction not only to study at University but also to your chosen subject
  • offers you a highly supportive environment where you can develop the self-confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding for further study.

We offer a range of four year degrees with a foundation year (Year 0) in the following subject areas:

Your Course

From day one you will be introduced to University life and begin to develop core academic skills. You will also study a selection of modules closely connected to your future degree pathway.

These will:

  • introduce you to the arts and humanities, its general themes and research methods and techniques
  • help you to develop your self confidence
  • encourage you to make the most of campus life and the services offered by the University
  • provide close, tailored one-to-one support through time tabled personal tutorials
  • offer a varied set of practical and thinking activities where you will learn with your peers in large group and seminar settings.

Supportive and experienced lecturers will help you to access the knowledge and skills you need in a stimulating learning environment.

The Arts and Humanities Foundation (Year 0) is the first year of study on the following:

CourseUCAS Code
BA (Hons) American Studies with Foundation Year T701
BA (Hons) Creative & Professional Writing with Foundation Year W803
BA (Hons) Digital Media with Foundation Year P315
BA (Hons) English Language and Communication with Foundation Year Q313
BA (Hons) English Literature with Foundation Year Q323
BA (Hons) Film, Radio & Television Studies with Foundation Year P307
BA (Hons) History with Foundation Year V103
BA (Hons) Media & Communications with Foundation Year P308
BA (Hons) Music with Foundation Year W304
BA (Hons) Religion, Philosophy & Ethics with Foundation Year V602
BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism with Foundation Year P500
BA (Hons) Illustration with Foundation Year W221

Your Course

The foundation year provides a gateway to higher education if you have not gained traditional qualifications or do not meet the entry requirements to enter a three-year degree course.

The aim is to help you develop self-confidence and the skills and understanding needed for undergraduate study.

It will introduce you to your chosen subject in a supportive, motivational environment where you will explore a range of topics such as:

These will:

  • managing your own learning
  • academic skills
  • communication and working with others
  • reflection.

In addition, you’ll study topics specifically linked to your chosen degree studies. You’ll learn how to work in a team and on your own, and you will gain a basic grounding in skills such as referencing, report writing and presenting.

The Education Foundation (Year 0) is the first year of study on the following:

CourseUCAS Code
BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies with Education Foundation Year X391
BA (Hons) Education Studies with Education Foundation Year X399
BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs & Inclusion Studies with Education Foundation Year X364
BA (Hons) Physical Education and Sport & Exercise Science with Education Foundation Year C611
BA (Hons) Primary Education with Education Foundation Year X320
BA (Hons) Counselling, Coaching & Mentoring with Education Foundation Year B941
BA (Hons) Human Development (Mind, Body and Spirit) with Education Foundation Year B301

Your Course

The course offers you an alternative pathway to access degree level study in the School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology. Our exciting range of modules will equip you with the skills you need to study at undergraduate level and will inform your choice of degree. Our supportive teaching team are committed to innovation in learning and teaching; our focus is on enabling you to achieve your aspirations and potential.

These will:

  • introduce you to the key disciplines of psychology, politics and sociology
  • inform your choice of degree specialism in oneor more of the subjects in the School
  • provide you with the study skills needed for degree level learning
  • allow you to apply academic knowledge to real life issues and challenges.

The Psychology, Politics & Sociology Foundation (Year 0) is the first year of study on the following courses:

CourseUCAS Code
BSc (Hons) Politics with Foundation Year L202
BSc (Hons) International Relations with Foundation Year L257
BSc (Hons) Psychology with Foundation Year C803
BSc (Hons) Sociology with Foundation Year L214
BSc (Hons) Sociology & Social Policy with Foundation Year L213

Your Course

Science is advancing at an incredible pace and offers many exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. You will study the basic theoretical principles of the biological and physical sciences, gaining practical experience in fieldwork and the laboratory, and you'll develop the essential interdisciplinary skills necessary for your future in higher eduction. 

The Science Foundation will give you the opportunity to develop your skills and science-specific knowledge to provide a firm base on which to build your future studies. You will be taught in a supportive, friendly and encouraging environment, revising concepts in biology chemistry and physics followed by a more in depth study of biology and chemistry and an introduction to basic statistical tests and a development of study skills. You will also undertake a small research project as part of your studies. 

The Science Foundation (Year 0) is the first year of study on the following courses:

CourseUCAS Code
BSc (Hons) Animal Science with Foundation Year C301
BSc (Hons) Biology with Foundation Year C101
BSc (Hons) Biomolecular Science with Foundation Year C701
BSc (Hons) Ecology with Foundation Year C181
BSc (Hons) Environmental Science with Foundation Year F855
BSc (Hons) Human Biology with Foundation Year B101
BSc (Hons) Plant Science with Foundation Year C201
BSc (Hons) Forensic Investigation with Foundation Year F413

Your Course

Our sport-related degree courses offer you the opportunity to explore the science behind physical activity and sports performance. The foundation year provides a gateway into higher education if you don’t have the necessary qualifications to enter a three-year degree course. It also offers you a supportive, motivational environment in which to develop the self-confidence, knowledge and skills for further study.

You will have access to a range of resources and equipment such as our student-focused laboratories, to develop skills and knowledge. Under the guidance of a dynamic team of tutors, you will learn key scientific principles, practical skills, and the application of science to sport and exercise.

The Sport and Exercise Sciences Foundation (Year 0) is the first year of study on the following:

CourseUCAS Code
BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science with Foundation Year C608
BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Psychology with Foundation Year C609
BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching Science with Foundation Year C610

These degrees will also allow you to pursue careers in sport, health and fitness publishing, the leisure industry, physical activity and health administration and research, the medical professions and police force, as well as other public sector roles. They also open routes into teaching, through the PGCE.

The International Foundation Year (IFY) is designed primarily as a first year of a four-year undergraduate programme to enable you to improve your English, study skills and content knowledge to a level necessary to join the undergraduate course you have selected. It will enable you to improve your English, study skills and content knowledge to the level necessary to join the undergraduate course you have selected.

You will study a combination of language-focused modules alongside subject-based modules relating to the BA/BSc course you intend to study. As well as improving your language skills, you will develop key academic study skills with an emphasis on analytical and critical thinking and knowledge you need to succeed on the undergraduate course you have selected.

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