PGCE 11-18

Teaching children in the 11-18 age range offers a fantastic opportunity to work with creative, vibrant and dynamic young people with a focus on teaching the subject you are passionate about. You can be a key influence in the development of young people, ‘no-one forgets a good teacher’.

The PGCE 11-18 trains you to teach in both secondary schools and sixth form colleges. You will:

  • learn to teach your subject across the 11-18 age range and key stages, and understand how it fits within the wider curriculum offer for this age range
  • develop a wide range of strategies for supporting children and young people’s learning and working with others to maximise their potential
  • develop an imaginative approach to teaching that brings out the creative potential of you and your pupils
  • understand the wider importance of education in society and the key role that education 11-18 plays within this

Our PGCE 11-18 offers a great range of specialist subject options. Find out more about each specialist option below:


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