Business Studies Top Up Evening (at Bromley College)

BSc Hons Top Up (Evening) at Bromley College Business Studies 2017/18

Year of entry


This is a one-year top-up (evening) course for if you have already achieved either a foundation degree, HND or two years from an accredited university (240 credits). It is designed to prepare you for active participation in the management of business. It includes building a wide range of personal skills and experience demanded by employers. It is offered in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University.

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The course is for those individuals who attain a Level 5 Business qualification, such as HND, Foundation Degree looking to continue their studies toward a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies.  If you want to enhance your skills and employability, or whatever your situation or career goals may be then a business degree is for you. 

Year 3

  • Strategic Management (20 credits)
  • Service Management (20 credits)
  • Knowledge Management (20 credits)
  • Business Ethics (20 credits)
  • Dissertation (40 credits)

Year 3

Strategic Management

The aim of the module is to provide you with an understanding of the impact of the business environment and the resources of the organisation, both human and material, on strategic planning and choice. This will enable you to consider strategic alternatives, evaluate suitability and make you aware of the complex issues involved in implementing strategy and managing strategic change. The module will provide an overview of the concept of strategy and its management in organisations evaluating both the internal and external environments. An emphasis will be placed on helping you understand the competitive nature of business across all three sectors, and on the pragmatic application of tools and concepts in pursuit of organisational improvement.

Service Management

The module will provide you with an appreciation of the significant issues relating to management in the service sector and the management of the service provision in all sectors, focusing on the process of servitisation, managing the service encounter, service quality, service level, customer management and capacity management. The module will acquaint you with the complex demands made upon service management organisations and the challenges that staff within them face. You will gain an understanding of the environments in which services operate and will gain an appreciation of the different constraints placed upon them. You will explore a range of issues including, organisational management, HRM issues, legal issues, marketing and general environmental scanning issues.

Knowledge Management

The module will provide you with an understanding of the main concepts and theories of business and organisational knowledge and a practical perspective on its management in the private and public sectors. The module will cover the nature of knowledge, looking at epistemological issues impacting the typologies and sources of knowledge and exploring the distinction between tacit and explicit knowledge. You will explore knowledge and how it contributes to the strategic management of the organisation and its business functions. The module will examine ethical issues relating to the protection of intellectual property. You will examine the ways that knowledge management initiatives and issues can be addressed in organisations.

Business Ethics

The module is designed to help you develop an understanding of ethical theory, the ability to apply relevant theory to business situations, and to encourage you to develop your own individual perspective as ethical decision makers. The module will consist of a broad syllabus addressing practical considerations of the nature of ethics, the traditional and post-modern ethical theories to develop an appreciation of these theories in the practical setting of modern business processes. You will examine and apply contrasting theories using topical examples from business practice and will evaluate the relevance of concepts in today’s business environment.

The aim of the module is to provide you with the opportunity for the practical application of theory to a business oriented problem and to develop research skills and the principles of research design. You will learn how to produce a brief research proposal. You will benefit from individual and group tutorial support giving you the opportunity to discuss the nature, scope and suitability of the proposed study before it receives approval. You will undertake an extended research project in the area of their choice under the supervision of a member of the University Centre.

A good BSc (Hons) Business award enables you to continue your studies towards a Master Degree or Membership of professional institutions in areas such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) or the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). You will be equipped with skills to enter into a corporate business career, start your own business or enter into creative industries. The good thing about a business degree is that it can open the doors to many opportunities.

  • Masters Degree
  • Membership of professional institutions such as CMI and CIPD
  • Employment in the business sector


The 2017/18 annual tuition fees for this course are:

Full-time £6,000 N/A
Part-time N/A N/A

Tuition fees for all courses are payable on an annual basis, except where stated.

*The following years of study after the foundation year are subject to the standard undergraduate UK/EU tuition fee set for each year. Visit the relevant degree page for full details.

*Full-time courses which have a Foundation Year 0 will have a 2017/18 UK/EU tuition fee of £6,165 in Year 0.

**Tuition Fee Scholarship discounts of £1,500 are available to eligible overseas students. Visit the International webpages for further information.

Please read the 2017/18 Tuition Fee Statement for further information regarding 2017/18 tuition fees and year on year fee increases

Further information

Additional course costs

Although we aim to minimise any additional costs to students over and above the course tuition fee, there will be some additional costs which students are expected to meet.

Costs applicable to all students

Text books Own purchase text books
Travel to other sites Where travel to other sites is required, this will be payable by the student
Library Fees and Fines Where students fail to return loaned items within the required time they will be responsible for the cost of any Library Fees and Fines applicable
Printing & Photocopying The cost of printing and photocopying undertaken by students to support their individual learning are payable by the student
Graduation ceremonies It is free for the student to attend the ceremony itself. Guest tickets and robe hire / photography are additional costs payable by the student

General principle policy

The University’s general principles policy for additional course fees are set out here

CategoryIncluded in the tuition feeAdditional cost to student
Field trips (including trips abroad and trips to museums, theatres, workshops etc) No, if the trip contributes to the course as an optional module. Yes if the trip is optional.
Travel and accommodation costs for placements  No

Travel and accommodation costs for professional placements within the Education and Health & Wellbeing Faculties.

Travel and accommodation costs for other work placements. 
Text books No Own purchase text books.
DBS / Health checks No Yes
Professional Body registration No Yes
Travel to other sites (e.g. travel to swimming pool for lessons) No Yes
Clothing / Kit Yes, where the clothing / kit is essential for Health & Safety reasons. Yes, where the clothing is kept by the student and not essential for health and safety reasons.
Learning materials Essential learning materials (excluding text books) in connection with the course. Additional materials beyond the standard provision essential for the course or where the costs are determined by the student’s area of interest and the outputs are retained by the student.
Library fees and fines No Yes
Printing and photocopying No Yes
Social events No, unless the event forms an essential part of the course. Yes, unless the event forms an essential part of the course.
Graduation ceremonies It is free for the student to attend the ceremony itself. Guest tickets and robe hire/ photography are additional costs payable by the student.

Even though this is full time we understand that our evening learners only attend usually over 2 evenings per work, which can be a challenge in terms of academic support.

Our teaching supports students in reaching their potential in the course. We recognise the diversity of learning styles and techniques they will use and offer a variety of means through which they can engage with the subject: lectures, seminars, discussions, presentations, visiting speakers, digital materials, coursework and tutorials.

We offer timely feedback from tutors. We also value the learning from students’ experiences with other work and organisations and support their reflections on their academic and personal development. We encourage them to develop skills relevant to life and work as well as for academic study. Typically, teaching takes place in face to face mode and in on-line environments and is informed by student feedback. 

In addition to support our evening learners we offer regular weekly tutorials slot at the beginning and end of the lesson, flexible arrangements for some assessments in line with the learner’s employment demands.

A wide variety of assessment methods are employed to develop both academic and professional skills. The overall emphasis within the programme is on coursework assessment. This will involve the use of essays, reports, presentations, computer- based projects, reflective and critical assignment, research activities and case studies. Examinations may be used to recognise end of module achievement, particularly where professional body accreditation is offered, and may involve unseen or open-book exercises.
The University Centre recognises the importance of professional body accreditation, to ensure that not only do we deliver well researched courses, but also that our students meet the professional expectations of prospective employers and have the opportunity to gain professional body qualifications.


Full-time study

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Full-time study

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For advice on completing your application please contact the Course Enquiry Team:

Tel: +44 (0)1227 928000
Tel:+44 (0)1227 928000 (0)1227 928000


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Fact file

UCAS code

  • N110

Institutional code

  • C10


  • 1 year full-time


  • September 2017

Entry requirements

  • Foundation Degree or HND in Business, Management or related subjects

    Applicants who require a Tier 4 Student Visa need to provide an IELTS 6 with minimum required component scores 5.5 in reading, writing, listening and speaking



  • Not applicable

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