Primary Education (Part Time Progression Route)

PGCE 7-14 Years

Do you love your subject, but want the breadth of teaching that primary teaching offers? Do you love working with the primary age range, but also want to develop a specialist subject which will enable you to teach in both primary and secondary schools? If so, then this may be the PGCE programme for you.

The PGCE 7-14 trains teachers to teach in both primary and secondary schools. It will train student teachers to:

  • be primary subject specialists who can also teach across the curriculum at a time when many primary schools are utilising subject specialists in their timetabling and teaching at KS2
  • be secondary subject specialists with a sound knowledge of primary practice, matching the direction in which curriculum at KS3 is traveling
  • be specialists who can teach across the whole age range (e.g. as required in international or independent schools)
  • understand and manage transition from KS2 to KS3
  • be flexible enough to move between phases of education

We believe that the course offers an exciting opportunity for those who qualify to make a unique contribution to the education of children and young people. Indeed, part of the mission of the course is to enable teachers who qualify to ease the transition of pupils between these two stages, and to help policy and practice in both stages come closer together.

This is a one-year, full-time course that aims to enable student teachers to become confident, competent classroom practitioners. The 7-14 PGCE is ideal for those students who are particularly interested in this particular age group which spans the older years of primary education i.e. 7-11 and the younger years of secondary education i.e. 11-14. It is ideal for those who:

  • have a strong interest in their specialist subject, but also like the idea of working with primary children
  • are concerned about the smoothing the transition of pupils from primary to secondary education
  • are interested in working across this age group such as in innovative state models of schooling; continental or independent schools
  • want to train as a teacher, but do not want to specialise in a particular phase of education at this stage

The course has been designed for all students to meet the Teaching Agency (TA) Standards for Qualified Teacher Status.

The course runs in partnership with local primary and secondary schools. Students spend 120 days in school as part of this programme and 60 days at the University.

The PGCE 7-14 at Canterbury Christ Church University offers the greatest range of specialist subject options for this kind of course in the country. There are ten specialist subject pathways available: Design and Technology, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, MFL, Music, PE, Religious Education, Science.

All PGCE courses cover three main areas: Curriculum Studies, Professional Studies and Enhanced Studies. However all learning on the course is designed to complement professional practice and the academic study will be informed by and inform practice. PGCE students will be placed in two schools for a mixture of blocked time and serial (e.g. one day a week) time adding up to meet the current Government requirement for a minimum 120 days in school.

University time is spent in lectures, seminars, workshops and tutorials. Tutors model methods that they would expect students to adopt in school. School placements demand full attendance in school during each day, Monday to Friday, with additional time devoted to assessment and preparation. You will need to make arrangements to ensure you can be in school by 8.15am at the latest.

Students will be assessed in two main ways- via academic assignments and assessment of their teaching.

Students will submit academic assignments for 20 credits in each curriculum, professional and enhanced studies modules. Each submission will include a written element, but students may also be assessed via presentations or practical performances as relevant to their chosen subject options.

You’ll need to be committed to becoming the best teacher you can be. You need all the basic requirements foradmission to a PGCE:

  • A good honours degree (2:2 or above) with at least 50% of the degree modules relating to the PGCE subject.
  • English, maths and science at GCSE (grade C or above) or equivalent, for Primary and 7-14
  • To have passed the government’s skills tests in literacy and numeracy

In addition to the academic requirements, you should also have some recent experience in a primary school in a voluntary or work capacity (work with young people in other contexts is also desirable). You’ll need to draw on your experiences at interview in order to demonstrate your suitability for this course.

Offers of a place on the programme are conditional, subject to successful completion of the Occupational Health clearance, Discolsure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance and completion of the Government Professional Skills Tests in Numeracy and Literacy.

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* Applications for closed courses will reopen for 2016/17 entry later in the year.

You can exit the PGCE courses with one of two awards. The Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is awarded to those students who gain less than 40 Level 7credits, but who pass all modules, gaining 100 or 120 Level 6 credits. If students achieve 40 or 60 Level 7 credits and pass all the modules, they will be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). All students completing a PGCE will also be recommended for QTS.

Fact file

UCAS code

  • XQC3 English
  • 2D5V Design and Technology
  • XFC8 Geography
  • XVC1 History
  • XGC1 Mathematics
  • XRC1 MFL French
  • XRC2 MFL German
  • XRC4 MFL Spanish
  • XRDC MFL French with German
  • XRDD MFL French with Spanish
  • XRDF MFL German with French
  • XRDK MFL Spanish with French
  • XCC6 Physical Education
  • XVC6 Religious Education
  • XFCA Science


  • 1 year full-time

Entry requirements

  • A good honours degree of at least lower second class (2:2) standard with at least 50% of degree modules related to the PGCE subject.




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