Student Stories and Advice

Our students tell you what it’s really like to join university through Clearing or the Adjustment process, and they share their best advice with you.

It’s not too late to do something different. You have the chance to change your course and where you’re going to study.

Megan's top tip

"Log into Facebook and join the freshers’ groups to find people on the same course and on the same commute/accommodation. You’ll begin to feel part of the university before you arrive."


Don’t panic. If you don’t achieve the grades you need for your first choice, you still can go to university.

George's top tip

"Don’t panic. There are people waiting to take your call and help you find a place that suits you."

George's Story

"When I didn't get the grades for my university choice, I thought that it was over before it began. I researched the clearing process and called Christ Church’s clearing line on results day. It was a blur but I was assisted by the calm and helpful team. They talked through my options and explained the opportunities available to suit my interests. After the call, I began to realise that not being accepted for my first choice just allowed an opportunity for my real strength in business to be highlighted."

george120x120George Adams Joined through Clearing in 2016 and has just finished his first year Business Studies.

Be brave. There’s still time to pursue your dream career.


Find the right course for you

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