Paying for Your Accommodation

Accommodation Fees

When you accept the accommodation offer, you need to pay an initial £250 pre-payment online. This payment will be automatically be taken off your first payment. There are two ways you then pay the remainder of your accommodation fees:

  • One payment in full at the beginning of the academic year when you move in (we will give you a  £250[1] bonus to your student smartcard to use towards catering), or
  • 3 instalments by recurring debit or credit card payment

You will be asked to select which payment option and provide your card details.  If you are paying by the instalment option, you will need to provide a guarantor at the same time you accept the offer.

Instalment Dates

Exact payment dates will be provided in your individual offer. Approximate dates for students on the most common 40 week contract are split into 3 instalments.


  • Instalment 1. 40% of fees due: 22nd September 2017
  • Instalment 2. 30% fees due: 4th January 2018
  • Instalment 3. 30% fees due: 18th April 2018

Short courses (including Homestay)

If you are on a short course or have a short term accommodation licence (if under 14 weeks), you will have to pay all your fees upfront before you move in, (or in two instalments if your licence is between 14 and 30 weeks). Dates and details will be provided in your individual offer.

Recurring Card Payments

If you are paying in instalments, your fees will be taken by Recurring Card Payment (RCP), from the bank and card details you enter when you accept the accommodation offer and contract.  

Your payment instalments will be automatically collected from the account linked to the card details provided, unless you notify the Finance team that you would like to change the card details. If you need to change the debit or credit card from which your instalments will be collected, you must contact the Finance team to update these details.  The Finance team can be contacted by telephone: 01227 92 22 28 or 01227 92 33 77 Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5pm,

Alternatively payments can be made by telephone 01227 92 22 28 or 01227 92 33 77 Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5pm, or Online banking.

Use your Christ Church student ID number (3 letters followed by 8 numbers eg. PAY11223344) as your reference, and pay to

Sort code: 309160

Account Number: 00251008 - Canterbury Christ Church

Please email to confirm that the payment has been made this way, so that we can easily trace your payment.

You must ensure that there are sufficient funds available to meet the payment on the due date.

If you do not have the funds available or are experiencing problems with your Student Finance Loan Payment, please contact the Finance team before the payment is due. It is important that you explain your financial problems and how you intend to manage them.

If you don’t pay your fees on time, this could lead to you being evicted from the property and you will still be liable for the remainder of the fees including fines for the full academic year.

EU or International students

If you are a self-paying student, then you will need to pay as per the details above. Please view your e-document for full payment details.

Students who are sponsored by their Agency/Provider, Home University or College do not need to pay directly to Canterbury Christ Church University, as your institution should pay us  direct. Please check with them that they are doing this. 

If you are an EU or International student and do not hold a UK bank account the first instalment can be paid using debit/credit card or bank transfer. The remaining instalments are to be paid for by recurring card payment once you have opened a UK bank account.  All payments must be made in pounds sterling.

Students with financial difficulties

If you find yourself with financial difficulties, contact the Finance team in the first instance.  You can also seek advice and -get useful information from Student Wellbeing at Augustine library or the Student Union can also be contacted for further advice and assistance.

It is important that once an arrangement to pay has been made with the Finance Team you keep to this. We will contact you if there are any missed payments, and this could be by letters to the contact addresses we have for you, email, phone, visits or text.  Failure to make payments by the agreed dates will result in further action being taken. This could will include a £25 administration charge for late or missed payments, and might result in us asking you to move to one of the University’s cheaper rooms if available. We will not offer you any new accommodation or parking permits at any time, if you owe money on your accommodation account.

If a student still fails to pay

If you continue to fail to pay and default on your Licence, you will still be liable to pay any outstanding fees and fines until the end of the Licence contract period, even if you move out before then.  If you continue to fail to make payments, the University will contact your Guarantor to request that they make payments on your behalf.

Failure to pay by you or your Guarantor, may lead to you being required to leave your accommodation and / or legal action being taken against you or your guarantor, including asking the court to order that you pay our court costs which start at £400.  This could affect your credit rating.

As is standard practice across the sector, we may also appoint an external credit control debt collection agency once all internal options have been exhausted. 

Any student that owes fees, will not be provided with a private sector accommodation reference.

Cancellation Prior to Arrival

Once you have accepted the accommodation contract (usually online), you have a 7-day cooling off period to cancel. You must contact if you wish to cancel in this period.

We will cancel the agreement and refund £100 of the Accommodation Fees pre-payment, if you cancel in this period.

There is no cancellation period after this, and the full fees are due, unless there is an acceptable replacement CCCU student to take your room, who is not already in our accommodation. Finding a replacement student cannot be guaranteed. For further information please refer to your Licence.

Prepayment and additional charges

Your prepayment of £250 is automatically deducted from your 1st instalment. The pre-payment is a payment towards the accommodation fees due. The pre-payment is NOT a refundable deposit.

If there is any damage or missing items when you move out, an invoice for the charge will be sent to you by email for payment. Additional charges can be added to your account for payment, including damage, and health and safety breaches including covering smoke detectors, to be paid within 14 days of notification.

Finance Contact Details

Rochester House
St Georges Place
Telephone: 01227 92 22 28, or 01227 92 33 77


If you have a complaint please contact the Finance team in the first instance to discuss an informal resolution. Depending on the nature of your complaint, it may be necessary to refer the complaint to another team such as accommodation.

If you are still unhappy with the response, you should contact the Finance team to raise a formal complaint

[1] Added over 3 dates - £100 October, £100 January & £50 April


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