Fault reporting

How to report a problem

Requests for repairs should be made by

  • Ringing estates helpdesk – 01227 922325 or email repairs@canterbury.ac.uk   Mon to Fri 8.30am to 5pm
  • Ring i-zone on 01227 922222 or visit the i-zone desks in person
  • Security caretakers at your accommodation or on main campus

Please always check the fault is correct. For example is the oven switched on at the wall switch? You’ll receive email confirmation of your request. If there is a delay in repairing the fault, as a part is needed for example, you’ll receive an update via your email address.

Repairs and maintenance will be completed by CCCU staff or approved contractors. If you have reported a fault, you should expect a contractor to visit (between 8am to 6pm). You do not need to be present in the property and security will issue a key for access directly to the contractor. For properties at Parham Road, College Road and Oaten Hill we pass most repair requests to the landlord we lease these from.

Please note that submitting a repair request counts as formal notice that we will come to your accommodation to carry out the repair or replace the item. We will not usually give you any further notice.

Emergency repairs

(potentially life-threatening, dangerous or serious damage).

Call security on 01227 922355 for emergency repairs out-of-office hours. We make the issue safe, but may not be able to fix straightaway – e.g stop the serious leak, in winter provide temporary heating if a boiler needs further repair or parts. If you report non-urgent problems during out-of-office times resulting in emergency contractors being called, you may be charged for the cost of the call-out.

Room Access

Where a repair has been requested, notice that access is required will be deemed to have been given.  Occasionally security caretakers or other staff will need to visit rooms where there is a noise nuisance, someone is covering a smoke detector or other disturbance. The staff member or contractor must knock on doors before entering, and will fill in the visitor log to say what rooms they accessed. All staff and contractors will carry identification and residents should always ask to see it.

Planned maintenance

We try to carry out planned maintenance of buildings so as to minimise inconvenience to residents but it is inevitable that some work will be carried out while you live there. We’ll normally give 7 days’ notice of planned work.

Damage or vandalism

You will be charged for any cleaning, repairs or replacements needed to the property that go beyond normal wear and tear, and caused by damage or negligence by yourself or your guests. This includes damage caused by fixing anything to the walls, or putting wrong items down toilets for example. Where damage occurs in a communal area such as a kitchen it may be charged to all the occupants of a flat, corridor or block. If you know who has caused an issue please speak to accommodation or security in confidence.


During your stay with us in the accommodation, staff are available to advise you when you want to raise a query or note a concern about anything in your accommodation. It is important that you feel able to talk to us if you feel unhappy or dissatisfied about any aspect of your accommodation. If you inform us at the earliest opportunity, quite often matters can be dealt with informally and promptly. However, if you feel you need to make a formal complaint if you are still dissatisfied, please see the University procedure on making complaints.

If you are unhappy with another student’s behaviour we ask that you try and talk to them informally first in an open manner. If this does not work please contact us in accommodation or security, and we will look at the options including mediation if suitable. 


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