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As a current student you may be able to have access to a peer mentor who can provide you with help and support by sharing their experiences to assist you during your time at the University.

Peer mentoring is available to all current students and is flexible and confidential, enabling you to connect with other students who are at a more advanced stage of study at the University.

As a fully registered student there are two types of mentoring that focus on your specific needs.

How can I make use of the service?

For more information and to be put in touch with either a pastoral or peer assisted learning mentor, email

Pastoral Peer Mentoring

A pastoral peer mentor will support you with your day to day life at university and throughout your period of study.  Your mentor is there to answer general enquiries, assist you with university systems and processes, signpost you to other services available within the university, facilitate discussions for you to talk about any challenges you may be facing and share ideas with. 

The benefit is that you have an invaluable source of knowledge and experience from someone who is willing to invest their time in you throughout your period of study.  It ensures you have a link to the university at all times especially if you are not studying on campus or you are away on placement. A pastoral mentor will not necessarily be studying the same programme as you as they do not provide subject specific assistance.  However, they can help you to find your way around the campus, use the university computer systems, such as Portal, Room Bookings and Blackboard, develop strategies for dealing with personal and academic challenges and identify goals and establish a sense of direction for your future.  

Peer Assisted Learning (Academic)

A Peer assisted leader provides subject specific facilitated study sessions in order to help you understand the programme specific needs and processes.  They typically consist of weekly or fortnightly group sessions, enabling reflection on what has been taught in order to achieve a set task designed to consolidate your learning.  They also facilitate discussions allowing you to raise any questions, fears or challenges you may be facing, to help you achieve the academic requirements of your course. 

Peer Assisted Learning Mentoring is only available to first year students within programmes that have setup this service. 

Christ Church is proud to be an inclusive universityand our peer mentors represent the diversity of our community. Whether you are a BAME, international, disabled, mature or commuting student there will be a peer mentor who has similar background to you and who would be happy to answer your questions and share their experiences.  


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"Just by listening, my mentor helps me to go back and remember some thoughts that I had before to keep me grounded and focused, so I don't feel so overwhelmed by the many chores that I have as a student, employee, mother and wife. "

Ana Garrancho, Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring Student


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