Support for Disabled Students

We are proud to be an inclusive University that supports a diverse community of students. Our aim is to offer all students a fair and enjoyable learning experience, regardless of disability or differences.

To help you succeed, our specialist Student Disability Service can support and advise you if you are facing (or potentially facing) disabling barriers to studying independently at the University.

Help available from the Student Disability Service

Our team supports students with a range of additional needs.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • autism spectrum disorders or Asperger's syndrome;
  • dyslexia, dyspraxia and other specific learning difficulties;
  • mobility impairments;
  • sensory impairments;
  • unseen disabilities like epilepsy, HIV, AIDS and chronic fatigue.
  • long-term health conditions 

If you have a disability that is not listed, support may still be available. Get in touch to find out more.

Please note, the University has a dedicated Mental Wellbeing team to support those experiencing mental health difficulties.

Support that is available

To help you succeed, our Student Disability Service can:

  • Provide information about funding for additional specialist support in relation to disability
  • Advise you on facilities and services available including adapted student accommodation
  • Liaise with academic tutors to ensure you get the support you need
  • Arrange practical support such as special arrangements for exams and assessments
  • Develop a Learning Support Plan (LSP) to capture all of your support needs

The Student Disability Service is unable to:

  • provide personal care (e.g dressing, bathing)
  • provide extra subject- specific tuition (beyond specialist study skills)
  • provide a proof- reading service

Registering with the Student Disability Service

Your first step is to complete the CCCU Disability Service registration form. This enables us to advise you of the support that is available to you based on your individual needs.

Register With the Student Disability Service

Quick Query Drop-in Sessions

10 minute Drop- in Sessions take place every Thursday from 1-3pm in Canterbury at Augustine House (AHg59) and every Tuesday from 1-2pm in Medway at the i-zone.

There is no need to book in advance, just ask for one of the Disability Advisers. Broadstairs sessions are also available on request. 

You may contact us via telephone on 01227 922576 or 01227 923056. Our email address is

Mental health enquiries should be directed to

Contact us

  • Tel:  01843 609888 (Broadstairs)
  • Tel:  01227 922222 (Canterbury)
  • Tel:  01634 894444 (Medway)
  • Email:


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