We want you to succeed, so your academic experience is a real priority and your feedback on your programme is important. 

You said that balancing workload can sometimes be a challenge and that adapting how and when you study and are assessed could make a big difference.

In response for 2017 the University has:

  • Introduced for most Undergraduate programmes the semester calendar. This helps spread teaching across the academic year allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of their subject and manage their time.
  • Introduced greater opportunities for reassessment if you do not achieve a pass mark/standard in an assessment activity or module.  This will help support your learning progression and provide more opportunities for your success.
  • Looked to more tightly manage the timings of assessments across programmes to ensure they are more evenly spaced, allowing for timely feedback and ensuring the feedback helps you to improve in future assessments.   

 Other changes and improvements

  • There is now a new and simple way to register your attendance where by students can tap into their timetable sessions using their Smartcard. This will provide your programme teams with the information they need to support you in your studies.
  • There is a new student Guide to Assessment and Awards Procedure. This brand new online guide will help you get to grips with key information about your programme and award so that you can maximise your opportunity for academic success.
  • It’s now easier to request changes to your study, such as modules, mode of attendance. 
  • The procedure and processes for Extenuating Circumstances has been updated to simplify how you make a request for a coursework.

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